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  3. Seriously though, how many virtual console games have you ever bought?

User Info: InfinityOver0

8 months ago#1
Across all virtual consoles - Results (154 votes)
None,0. I'm not interested or I use emulators
15.58% (24 votes)
1, just 1 amazing game
3.25% (5 votes)
2-5, a few really good ones
16.88% (26 votes)
13.64% (21 votes)
24.03% (37 votes)
14.94% (23 votes)
5.84% (9 votes)
0.65% (1 vote)
100 or more
5.19% (8 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I suspect most people didn't buy very many. I've had a Wii, Wii U, switch, and DS. I have never bought any game from the Virtual Console. I also had an NES and SNES growing up, so I grew up playing a good chunk of these . My brother has had all these systems except the switch and he's only ever bought 2 games

I think the board is just blowing things out of proportion...again

User Info: Tenchi UK

Tenchi UK
8 months ago#2
i missed out on the nes and snes (was a sega kid) so ended up with a large virtual console library, it was one of my favorite things about the wii, having all these classic games in one place.

the wiiu VC was a bit dissapointing in regards to several systems not being supported but the GBA games were nice.

with switch also doubling as a handheld i was exited at the prospect of being able to play these games on a device which is portable rather than being tethered to a TV.

people accuse others of blowing something out of proportion when it doesnt apply to them.
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User Info: HighwayPilot

8 months ago#3
I never bought any. I only buy digital games without DRM. I only have ones I got for free. Also having a PAL system getting the 50hz PAL versions was a downside, and some of the games I would've been most interested in were not available(or locked to other regions).

User Info: BoundHunters

8 months ago#4
I collect games so VC is pretty meaningless to me (but a great idea for others nonetheless). Still...gotta support the team when it comes to EarthBound. Also got some JP exclusives like EB Beginnings and Rondo of Blood, as well as some stuff on the go like the DK games on my 3DS to play when I travelled two years ago.
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User Info: Master_Materia

8 months ago#5

User Info: freedumbdclxvi

8 months ago#6
Between all platforms and including a few double dips, probably around 30-40 titles.
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User Info: Comyx

8 months ago#7
Metroid Prime Trilogy and Paper Mario.

User Info: InfinityOver0

8 months ago#8
Comyx posted...
Metroid Prime Trilogy and Paper Mario.

The trilogy was an actual vc game? I'm not talking about digital purchases of current gen or remastered games

User Info: Ibuki_Lord

8 months ago#9
1, Super Metroid on Wii U and only because it was like 98% off during some sale.
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User Info: Beefheart

8 months ago#10
Classic 2D Mario (SMB1 - SMW) and M64
Nes Mega man (1-6)
All Zelda games
Super Metroid and Prime series
Punch out

I would rebuy today

Super Metroid
LoZ, ALTTP, Minish cap (OoT and MM don't have the pick up and play replay value for me)
SMB3 and SMW
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