Hollow Knight is disturbing

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User Info: joserics

4 months ago#1
Just killed a pregnant mom, don't really know what I am doing though. It is a great game :D
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User Info: spewman

4 months ago#2
You might not want that quote taken out of context!

User Info: Expa0

4 months ago#3
Meh, I tried the game. Didn't care for the artstyle and the music seemed a bit too ambient focused to my liking. Not a fan, 15$ wasted though it's entirely my fault for not doing my research.
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User Info: DrProfessor

4 months ago#4
spewman posted...
You might not want that quote taken out of context!
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User Info: Groadergreen

4 months ago#5
That's just the beginning, TC. There's all sorts of... things... in Hollow Knight.

User Info: MrSirDrProf_sma

4 months ago#6
Um... Have you ever played the Binding of Isaac games? That. Is some messed up stuff.

Like when you consider the fact that you are a newborn infant, fighting the demons of hell for starters...
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User Info: nephalim

4 months ago#7
I am playing it and I am not sure I have any idea what is going on. There are some ghosts I need to save and a monster in a temple... or something.

User Info: Superlinkbro

4 months ago#8
This makes me want to play it more tbh
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