Native voice chat will be a lot more common

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User Info: MirageMew2

3 months ago#1

An anonymous QA tester for Switch titles dropped this bit of info regarding the process behind submitting games and content updates to Nintendo:

The Switch DOES support native voice chat. Developers can choose whether they implement it or not. This has been a feature up for grabs for devs since like the beginning of April (year?).

There are some limitations.

Every month, newer regulations and versions of development kits are released to developers, and only versions above a certain number can support voice chat (similar to the screenshot and video feature). These build kits correspond to the current firmware you guys have on your Switches at home. Any games made on these newer versions can make use of the voice chat feature, but adding it in to an already released game means submitting it to Nintendo again and having to follow new sets of guidelines which all need to be passed. (Failure to pass several times also results in a hefty "you wasted our time" fee.) For games already released, it can be a ball ache to patch and resubmit the game, but it's very possible we'll see more voice chat in newer titles now as we've been working with the right tools for a few months.

This also tells us that games launching with incomplete or otherwise buggy issues tend to see a slow rate of patches due to the fact that Nintendo charges a fee for recurring updates/game submissions. In other words, it’s often not beneficial or even profitable to patch games.
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User Info: Baha05

3 months ago#2
I mean there should be some sort of delay for f***ing up a patch. Not a fee mind you.
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