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  3. Great idea for Star Fox GP.

User Info: wingblade98

8 months ago#1
Custom furries. Think of how much it would sell.
"The concept of Smash being announced in a regular direct is absolutely laughable."-Me, a few hours before its announcement.

User Info: Second_Chances

8 months ago#2
character creators always sound fun but I'm always dissapointed by lack of options

User Info: LSSj4Yagami

8 months ago#3
Here is one, be SFA2.

Really though, I'll just see what happens.

User Info: xF0x

8 months ago#4
Maybe it would be great if the gameplay wasn't 100% in a ship/vehicle and we could actually see our character. Though maybe they could let us customize just the face that would appear in the transceiver, that would be nice. But then again, I doubt they'd record multiple voice tracks for different variants of males and females.

I'm sure people would just make Krystal, I know I would. If Nintendo won't give her to us we'll have to make her ourselves.
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  3. Great idea for Star Fox GP.
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