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User Info: HentaiSenpai

8 months ago#31
Cyber Akuma Zero posted...
Kyle1022 posted...
Nintendo has never felt the need to have the most powerful hardware for the sake of it.

Except the SNES, and N64, and Gamecube...

Gamecube wasn't the most powerful. It was weaker than the Xbox.
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User Info: Kung_fu92

8 months ago#32
Why though? They're poised to outsell the Xbox One.
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User Info: rusty12000

8 months ago#33
No thanks

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User Info: Cyber Akuma Zero

Cyber Akuma Zero
8 months ago#34
HentaiSenpai posted...
Cyber Akuma Zero posted...
Kyle1022 posted...
Nintendo has never felt the need to have the most powerful hardware for the sake of it.

Except the SNES, and N64, and Gamecube...

Gamecube wasn't the most powerful. It was weaker than the Xbox.

That's the one thing you fixate on?

Yes, it wasn't more powerful, but it was close, and it was still significantly more powerful than the PS2 that outsold it (and everything else to date), which was my point.

In fact, IIRC, even the Xbox (just barely) outsold the GameCube.
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User Info: SpinoRaptor24

8 months ago#35
Mainstream consumers DON'T care about power. It's only the online gaming forum nerds that care about power.

That's why the PS2, Wii and DS sold like hot cakes and demolished their competitors despite there being much stronger systems on the market.
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User Info: Marcster1994

8 months ago#36
Because Sony has marketing in their grasp, so it wouldn't matter. By that logic, the XBO X should be selling the most right now as it is more powerful than a PS4 Pro.
Nintendo knows the power race is a futile attempt. So they went for a innovative approach, which clearly worked as it outsold the Wii u in one year and is still selling a good amount. Obviously there's an unfortunate dry period, but that ends in June.
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User Info: deathwave21

8 months ago#37
Sonico80085 posted...
In the animal kingdom, the strongest animals survive to procreate and continue the species, while the weaker ones die off. In the sphere of geopolitics, nations who have the greatest military power - America, China, Russia, etc, hold the most influence.

In the console market - powerful consoles set the standard. Gameplay over graphics does not matter when the mass market wants graphics and gameplay cannot run without power. Indeed, it can also be argued that presentation cannot be divorced entirely from gameplay.

While many claimed that 3rd party support would increase for the Switch in 2018, this never materialised. In fact, the situation is worse than for the Wii U, which actually got Call of Duty games.

The family market, too, is being challenged, with the impending release of Kingdom Hearts 3 on PS4 and Xbox One, which shows what graphical power can add to Nintendo-like presentation.

Nintendo needs to get off their high horse and realise that they cannot compete without power. Sega Genesis claimed their throne briefly in the 16-beat era with the Blast Processing brand. While the switch is selling well, this is unsustainable in the long run. We can already see this in 2018, where a lack of games owing to the absence of 3rd parties have driven down interest significantly.

What Nintendo does best is their games. If they can combine their games with powerful hardware that will attract 3rd parties and make it easy for them to get their games running at a low cost, they will win the generation, no question. If they refuse, they should consider becoming a software developer only.

Just curious if you really are 12 years old as your post suggests or if you are otherwise mentally deficient? I mean no disrespect if its the latter. Strength means absolutely nothing without wisdom. History has shown the mighty have ALWAYS fallen.

The same is true for a hardware dev that would just churn out the most powerful machine just bc they are ignorant. Nintendo, undoubtedly has the knowledge to make the most powerful console this world has ever seen. Thankfully they also have the wisdom to know what that would do to the industry. As you said, Nintendo is first and foremost a 1st party developer. That is what they do best. You should realize that different individuals develop hardware than those that develop software. What you don't understand though is that Nintendo's hardware is built around that software.

Anyone can make trendy games for someone else. But very few software developers can make amazing games for everyone else. Personally I can't think of a single 3rd party dev that's churning out multiple GOTY nominees on an annual basis. The same would happen to Nintendo to the point that they would inevitably create a hardware development department if they were to survive.

If you really believe that other consoles are better because they may have better graphics or more processing power, that is your right. However at the end of the day you don't play the console, you play the games. Pretty sure Nintendo has never released a console weaker than its previous offering, so your whole post is incorrect, ignorant, and invalid.
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User Info: Apalachicola

8 months ago#39
Larni69 posted...

The XoneX is the ‘strongest’. What does that tell you about the relative benefit of ‘strength’.

Back to school with you!

It tells me it can play new games, along with PC and PS4.
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User Info: Usabell

8 months ago#40
And yet the least powerful console usually gets the most support. PS2, Wii, etc. - so it doesn't work by Darwin's law :)
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