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User Info: Apalachicola

9 months ago#11
LSSj4Yagami posted...
RPGs? Octopath, I guess, if you don't mind low budget stuff, otherwise nothing besides Xenoblade which is hardly an RPG, more ARPG really, not a true traditionAl RPG

Skyrim should scratch that itch. Best game on Switch.
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User Info: SamBamBamz

9 months ago#12
Thanks for all the suggestions

User Info: ms555

9 months ago#13
As a JRPG fan, xenoblade is definitely a great bet for you. Overall, I think the REQUIRED Switch library is pretty unanimous:

Main Games
1. Mario Odyssey (Platformer)
2. Zelda BOTW - (Epic RPG)
3. Mario Kart 8 - (Multiplayer/arcade game)
Honorable Mention - DK Country Tropical Freeze (Sidescroller)

Digital Games
1. Rocket League
2. Golf Story
3. Stardew Valley
Honorable Mention - Celeste

Anything else is just icing ontop. Skyrim, Mario Rabbids, Splatoon, and Bayonetta are certainly all fantastic additions.

Here's my library: Mario Odyssey, Zelda, Mario Kart, DK, Skyrim, Rabbids, Stardew Valley, Celeste
That's been keeping me busy for practically a year now, and I still got loads to do!

Then there's plenty of confirmed games worth your time. But REALLY the ones you should focus on are...

1. Smash Bros Switch
2. Captain Toad
3. Crash Bandicoot
4. Lumines

I'm gonna say AVOID the PS4/Xbox One ports like Wolfenstein and Doom. Honestly, while they're okay, they don't run nearly as well on Switch, that's just the facts. We'll have to see about Dark Souls...
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