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User Info: Lsnake

10 months ago#51
Nintendo does have a habit of trying to focus too much on gimmicks. Remember the Wii Vitality sensor they were talking about? Yeah...clearly an example of Nintendo sometimes trying too hard to come up with new stuff that people aren't interested in. At least Labo made it out on the market, but didn't make much of a splash. The Media actually cautiously praised it as innovative and fun, but that wasn't enough to win the hearts of gamers who obviously saw through the gimmick and questioned the lasting value in building cardboard controllers with extremely basic game experiences.

Not saying it's useless, it certainly offers great functionality for younger audiences, but I don't think Labo as it is now, will be anything more than a gimmick.
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User Info: link2metroid

10 months ago#52
I don't know if it was overhyped. The moment I seen it, I thought it was garbage and destined to fail. It's a bit early for the obituaries but, ya, barring some sort of miracle it'll be remembered in years to come as, "Do you remember when Nintendo tried to sell us cardboard with some tacked on shallow, garbage games?" "No!? Me neither."

User Info: Gemini_Red

10 months ago#53
Overhyped? Certainly not on here. It was one of the rare occasions where the haters and fanboys agreed on something; that it would fail.

User Info: Usabell

10 months ago#54
FoBiA posted...
Labo is one of the dumbest ideas in recent memory when it comes to gaming. Why would I spend that kind of money on cardboard gimmicks when I could just buy a real remote control car for less, a crappy keyboard for less, etc...

This was one of the gripes I had with the Wii as well - all the damn peripherals. At least with those I could toss them in a bin and they won't get damaged so I could play them years later if I wanted to. Labo crap is made out of freaking cardboard...

Just wait for Nintendo forcing us to use them as the only available controller for upcoming games for generations to come. I hope they've learned from the Wii and won't do this, but who knows?
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User Info: deoxysiguess

10 months ago#55
characterz3ro posted...
Lolabo. Even the weebs couldn't defend it. $80 shovelware with a side of cardboard, gtfo with that s***.
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User Info: maritenya

10 months ago#56
ElectricMole posted...
Interest died fast enough

Has it? What about the hobbyist DIY crowd?

User Info: murstdurst

10 months ago#57
NewDumDum posted...
What happened?

They realized that there are better alternatives out if you're just a little interested in this stuff... and also, they realized it's f'ing cardboard :D

User Info: MARl0

10 months ago#58
doutforharambe posted...
Yeah, that’s not what i remember. People were laughing at it. Few people cared or defended it.

This. The topic creator must've been living under a rock the whole time leading up to Labo's release.
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User Info: LuxHeart

10 months ago#59
characterz3ro posted...
LuxHeart posted...
CranberryPSO posted...
I appreciated what Labo was trying to be. It was intended to be a means of introducing a younger generation to the concepts of engineering and programming. Labo got a real negative knee-jerk reaction by people that didn't understand what it actually was.

If you buy Labo, dad builds the item, hands it to his kids and they play with it for a while and then it gets put away, you really, really, missed the point. The idea was not to hand kids a new toy and have them play a game for 20 minutes. The idea was to show them how to do the construction, and use the software tools included to add new behaviors and functionality to what you've made. It's a programming aid, and that was really the intent. To garner interest in this in a new generation.

I feel like Labo would function better in a structured educational environment than as a take-home product. Too many people didn't understand what it was and how it was meant to be used for it to function well as an at-home product.

I agree. The problem with Nintendo is that they're marketing it as something at home for the kids. Parents that do buy it, will end up making it and their kid plays with it for like an hour at the most and it's gone. People that buy it will be excited when they see Ariana Grande singing with a band, but constructing it is a different monster.

I think they should pitch it to schools, libraries, youth programs, and camps. For the piano (music), constructing (think woodshop class), and the garage (coding and programming classes/after school programs/camps). The only hurdle they'll have to hop over then is justifying the price. Though schools buy Apple, so just market it as a premium system. Sell it cheaper if they buy in bulk. That's the best chance this has at succeeding.

Ya one labo kit for 75 kids in a summer camp is a great idea....it would be broken in five minutes and someone would cry when then didn't get a turn. It's a s*** product.

It depends on the summer camp. Like an educational one with a few kits that they share. I even gave the option of Nintendo selling it in bulk as a possibility.

I even said they have hurdles. Like Jesus Christ, don't overreact.

User Info: WickedSickJosh

10 months ago#60
All the hype came from the fanboys. Nintendo even claimed it was for the younger (or young at heart) audience. It was all the idiots on here that were like “LABO FOR SMASH BROS!” and “WATCH! LABO IS GOING TO OUTSELL GOD OF WAR!!1!1”. Nintendo didn’t overhype this, everyone else did.
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