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  3. Check back this topic on May 7th, it's gonna proven right.

User Info: moogle69

2 years ago#11
#fake, nintendo always has surprises and this doesnt, lots of boring announcements.

Where is monolithsofts next game?
Activisions next game?
Wii u port?
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User Info: SkuIItuIakid

2 years ago#12
This would be disappointing if true:
N64 coming much later?
No Luigi's Mansion 3 or cool ports like Nier Automata? RE7? FF15? Xenoblade X?
Much disappoint.

User Info: Llama_Lord

2 years ago#13
You forgot Mother 3 tc.
Hey, um, where's the bathroom?

User Info: 587Deathking

2 years ago#14
Wait why May 7th? Also why would FNAF be censored?
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User Info: JJR82

2 years ago#15
SkuIItuIakid posted...
This would be disappointing if true:
N64 coming much later?
No Luigi's Mansion 3 or cool ports like Nier Automata? RE7? FF15? Xenoblade X?
Much disappoint.

*rolls eyes*
Troll better will you and not make stupid posts like that.
Obviously this isn’t everything. Even if it’s real.

User Info: Wizard_of_Odd

2 years ago#16
Assassin2713 posted...
You are now tracking this topic.
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User Info: Transliteration

2 years ago#17
Lazzyman posted...
-Nintendo’s releasing details about their Online Service on May 7th.
-Service goes live on September 24th
-Service offers dedicated voice chat through an existing chat service, Discord being the most popular choice, exclusive Eshop discounts, and a Games With Gold/PlayStation Plus like Service where retro games are given to people every month and are allowed to keep the games as long as they have the service.
-Nintendo is ditching the Virtual Console brand and replacing it with ‘Nintendo Classics’. Games offered through this are much cheaper than they were before and is going to launch with NES and GBA games in August with SNES and N64 games being made available late 2018/ early 2019.
-Nintendo E3 Presentation is currently 36 minutes long and focuses only on Switch titles with Treehouse being used to announce and show 3DS titles.
-The first reveal is of the Spyro trilogy coming to Switch, though there’s a reason they’ve been waiting to reveal it.
-Fire Emblem is next and the title for it is ‘Lustrous Daybreak’. Coming holiday this year.
-Yoshi is next, now subtitled Flipped Around and features the same Amiibo functionality as Wooly World. Releases in August.
-New Paper Mario game is next and is not being developed by Intelligent Systems. Goes back to the traditional partner style gameplay but still heavily features the character limitations imposed for Sticker Star and Color Splash. Coming 2019
-Mario Odyssey DLC is next. Luigi is being released that day as a playable character and adds 70 unique moons to the game. Wario and Waluigi are also being made playable characters with 70 moons each as well. No tentative release date on the other two characters, but they are being made playable at the show floor.
-Activision makes some announcements. Crash Bandicoot Amiibo is being made that adds harder time trials to the N’Sane trilogy and is teased to have some kind of functionality with Spyro trilogy.
-Black Ops 4 Battle Royale is coming to Switch with crossplay with PC and Xbox, regular Black Ops 4 is not coming to Switch.
-Sega reveals their Sega Ages line for the west and two of the games they’re releasing under it are the first two Sonic Adventure games.
-Super Sonic Racing is revealed and takes inspiration from Sonic R with some characters like Sonic running on their own while characters like Tails use vehicles. Some kind of Nintendo exclusive content is teased for the game as well.
-Next is a Metroid Prime 4 gameplay trailer. Coming 2019.
-Pokémon for Switch is revealed. It’s a new take on Red and Blue and features graphics that are midway between Sun/Moon and Pokken.
-Five Nights at Freddy’s is coming to Switch, though reports are coming in that content may have been censored on Scott Cawthon’s end, not enforced by Nintendo. Coming out in the fall.
-Two trailers for Smash Bros for Switch are the last things. One reveals Captain Toad, the other reveals Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, this is why they’ve been quiet about the Switch version of the trilogy. Gameplay is shown and is a mix of Smash 4 and Melee, being very colorful yet detailed. Coming out September alongside the Online Service.
-Ice Climbers are set to be revealed during the Treehouse Live.

That’s all. I don’t know anymore specifics than that because I’m not the person who actually saw all of this, a contact with connections to marketing saw all of this and shared it to me.
Have a good day and remember to check back on this on May 7th.

You have a very active imagination
Why not? SFW?
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User Info: kranix1

2 years ago#19
It would be impossible to win E3 with that list, so I'm really hoping you're wrong.

I can see most of it happening, though.

I can't imagine them not mentioning Labo at E3.
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User Info: abbeldydoo

2 years ago#20
No Animal Crossing would suck.
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