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  3. What do you prefer, 2D Zelda or 3D Zelda?

User Info: SilentDarkway

8 months ago#1
2D or 3D Zelda? - Results (103 votes)
23.3% (24 votes)
41.75% (43 votes)
Both around equal
25.24% (26 votes)
It depends
9.71% (10 votes)
0% (0 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I pick 3D Zelda.
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User Info: GenjiRed

8 months ago#2
Both, though Link to the Past is one of my all time favorites.
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User Info: ROB45

8 months ago#4
3D Zelda, though my favourite game is A Link to the Past.

User Info: freedumbdclxvi

8 months ago#5
About equal.
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User Info: SomeBlindGuy

8 months ago#6
3D Zelda I guess. Not really a big Zelda guy but Majora's Mask was a truly beautiful experience.
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User Info: Ryan Si

Ryan Si
8 months ago#7
Both are great, probably go with 3D though.
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User Info: TinyTim123

8 months ago#8
I haven't enjoyed any 3D Zelda I've tried, though to be fair I've only tried Ocarina and Breath.
I was, however, with Zelda at the beginning on the NES (though played Zelda II before the original). My preference almost certainly stems from familiarity.

I want to like 3D Zelda, but I think I might just be burnt out on Zelda in general for now.
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User Info: PaulFoster

8 months ago#9
2D, ALttP is still the best Zelda game ever.
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User Info: DuranmanX4

8 months ago#10
Any series that started in 2D, is generally better in 2D

Key exceptions might be games like F-Zero and sports games
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  3. What do you prefer, 2D Zelda or 3D Zelda?
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