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User Info: DuranmanX4

9 months ago#41
Cyber Akuma Zero posted...
Could be, although wasn't the joycon fix in the joycons themselves, and not the system?

Regardless, yeah, it could very well be on revision 2 already, which would mean this next one would be revision 3, so it's nothing new in the gaming landscape, consoles get revised several to over a dozen times throughout their lifespan.

Was the Wii U ever revised?

I heard that the reason there were no revisions to the console was that Nintendo got a bulk stock in 2012, and it never sold out, which also explains why they discontinued it in 2016
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User Info: DeepsPraw

9 months ago#42
shamfuru posted...
The real hard thing is finding a radio shack.

Hardware store.

Who the hell buys wire at RadioShack?
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User Info: CherryTsundere

9 months ago#43
Okay so why is the hack stupid?

Because you get a new revised non-hackable (for now) version?

But how is that bad? Because you want a hackable one? Then buy one now. Or do you hate it that the new ones will not be hackable in which case this thread makes even less sense, because all revisions will be hackable soon.
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User Info: Qwert379

9 months ago#44
So new switch every year and new games released will only work on the newest revised switch

A great way for nintendo to make money out of the fanboys by forcing them to buy a new switch every year thus inflating switch sales, which is good for the fanboys to brag about

win-win solution

User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
8 months ago#45
TheLionKing posted...
Damn it stupid hack...expect Nintendo Switch 2.0 this Christmas

If they're going to address that issue, then it won't be a "Nintendo Switch 2.0", but a version with slight changes to fix that issue. You wouldn't even be able to tell the difference without trying whether the hack works, checking serial numbers or something like that. Whatever the Switch's "real" revision is going to be won't be coming sooner because of that hack, and lol @ being outraged because you assumed so.
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User Info: Hercik1

8 months ago#46
TheLionKing posted...
10 cents at radio shack

Radio shack? Are we back in the 80s?

User Info: SomeBlindGuy

8 months ago#47
I don't see the problems with the Switch getting hacked. Haven't systems been getting hacked for decades to make ROM Hacks and such?
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User Info: RyWx

8 months ago#48
TheLionKing posted...
@rusty12000 posted...
I imagine it will be a quiet revision, Most people won't even know what revision they have, it will just be different enough to make life hard on the ****ing hackers.

Nintendo is too greedy for that.

Obviously they will do a immediate quiet revision.

But they almost always change some small stupid s*** and slap a "i" at the end of it to encourage people to upgrade out.

It honestly just feels like you're trying to direct people to hack the system. You also have no idea what you're talking about with revisions. And finally, the only system I've seen for your assumption is a DSi which was a new model that did things the DS/lite couldn't do so I'm not sure where you're getting 'slapping an I on everything'.

A hardware revision isn't something you'd notice unless you were a 360 owner and wanted to ensure you didn't get another RROD, but for any other console it's a moot point usually.
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User Info: Maverick_Reznor

8 months ago#49
Lol I doubt most people will even attempt it.
And those who do are going to cry when they f*** up their switch.
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User Info: Greggbird33

8 months ago#50
TheLionKing posted...
Also origin Switchs are gonna be worth a lot #_#

EDIT: The exploit is Tegra HARDWARE BASED. You just tap a exposed wire (10 cents at radio shack) to the right side of Nintendo Switch (after removing right joycon). With a USB stick stick in bottom. It causes Tegra to enter a hardware rescue mode that automatically boots USB inputs first from a POST level that runs from DIRECT hardware not software.

This is 100% not patchable. They HAVE to change insides to stop it.

Lol at you thinking Radio Shack is a thing still.
This guy are sick.
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