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  3. I don't think you guys realize how serious that exploit is

User Info: Nathanmg

8 months ago#11
Piracy increases hardware sales at least :p
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User Info: Apocalypsah

8 months ago#12
No one is worried but you TC.
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User Info: Terotrous

8 months ago#13
MyPetKenshin posted...
Yeah I can guarantee you that devs aren’t going to invest millions of dollars on an exclusive that becomes “freeware” the second it’s released. They’re going to take that exclusive elsewhere. PC is the exception but not the rule.

Some other exceptions: DS, Wii, PS1, and PS2.

In fact, if anything it seems to be the case that piracy correlates positively with game and system sales, not negatively. The only possible counterexample is PSP, and even then, PSP sold much better in terms of both software and hardware than the comparatively more secure Vita.

The simple fact is that historically there's zero cause for alarm.
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User Info: ROB45

8 months ago#14
Nothing is lost. Pirates wouldn't buy the games anyway.

User Info: MyPetKenshin

8 months ago#15
Beetleking22 posted...
MyPetKenshin posted...
For the first time ever, the term “Nintendoomed” can be used unironically. If people are able to easily pirate software, Switch will lose all 3rd party support. And if people can download first party games for free, Nintendo won’t make enough money to keep developing exclusives.

This could very easily snowball into a disaster.

Did not harm Wii or its softwares. Not big deal.
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User Info: WhatHappened

8 months ago#16
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User Info: Jinzo 111887

Jinzo 111887
8 months ago#17
Don't worry. Chances are Denuvo Anti-Tamper will be on Switch soon enough. Piracy set back, but Switch owners get to deal with the issues it can cause.
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User Info: radiobutton

8 months ago#18
So what are you going to do about it TC?

User Info: CaIiber345

8 months ago#19
MyPetKenshin posted...
Terotrous posted...
Piracy doesn't actually matter. It has no sales impact because only like 1% of the market actually does it, and those people rarely buy games anyway. All PC games are cracked within days but it's still the most widely supported platform by far.
The impact isn’t on sales, it’s on devs. Devs support consoles because they offer a certain amount of security. Remove that security and you remove the support.

So you’ve made up your mind that this is all doom and gloom.

Ok everyone, we’re done here.
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User Info: kinggravy

8 months ago#20
Because Nintendo's gone out of business several times when the DS, 3DS, Wii, and Wii U were all hacked and open to mods.

Good try though, TC.
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