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User Info: Bald_Money

1 year ago#21
Those character designs are so 2006.

User Info: kilaude

1 year ago#22
Icewitch posted...
Meh. Looks like another anime t**** game that belongs on the Vita.
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User Info: Vito219

1 year ago#23
no thanks
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User Info: freedumbdclxvi

1 year ago#24
Always like a good dungeon crawler. Hopefully it comes West at some point.
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User Info: MoreLemonPledge

1 year ago#25
Coffeemeow posted...
You westerners are really annoying with your anime this anime that. These have always been a Japanese thing and nobody forces you to buy it. Just get lost.

You say that like things like this are universally liked and not also niche in Japan.

User Info: Lamesy

1 year ago#26
I'm actually really over this 1st person dungeon crawler revival that was reaching saturation 5 years ago.

User Info: Cubivore_

1 year ago#27
Day one purchase!

Edit: never mind. Looks like a generic dungeon crawler.

User Info: AkaneJones

1 year ago#28
0ofreako0 posted...
first person turn based dungeon crawler? day 1 buy...even with the s***ty "LOOK AT MY ANIME t*** GUYS PLEASE LOOK AT THEM!!!!!!!!!!" characters.

So the game sports a generic male with brown hair, and long blond male mage, and random purple haired girl in a leotard with robot ears and no noticeable bust, yet the game is 100% about the 1 red headed girl with side boob, that can't quite fit in the cleric backless robe. It totally say oh yes its a harem game with female cast around a stand in for the players male avatar.

Let's ignore what is actually there, Merak looks a bit more trappy than he should, Spica the red head in question looks a bit odd due art quality, Alto is just generic because its a generic "lead" character design, and we got nothing on the second girl. All I can say is the arts is a bit barren, it means they reduced clutter on characters fine, but make the backgrounds dungeons and battles look cheap. There is a reason Etrian Odessey upped the detail in its dungeons each game despite the system limitations. This ones only got generic walls, an archway indent, a door, and generic floor. You can't even see the ceiling properly, and the draw distance isn't great. I could also complain about the attack animation and lack of dragon movement. But nope got to claim the melon smuggler is all to see must be a sell me a harem game.

User Info: UnrealityMod

1 year ago#29
Nani!? Why doesn't this look like Xrd!?

User Info: Gatchan2

1 year ago#30
anything other than Guilty Gear Xrd / Dragonball Fighter Z / Blazblue / Persona4Arena by ASW usually looks poverty level. Not sure why....
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