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  3. Deep into GoW, just wanted to let ya'll know Bayo is safe

User Info: DynoStretch

9 months ago#31
I don't think we have anything to fear for with Bayonetta unless Kamiya suddenly develops a brain tumor that causes him to think that the only way the series can go on is if it copycats The Last of Us.
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User Info: MightyBaconX

9 months ago#32
I f***ing love Bayo, and it's sad that I share the same taste of such a beautifully made game with people of such small mind and pettiness.

Looking forward to Bayo 3, it's gonna be good.

In the meantime, gonna enjoy this new God of War. It's like, pretty good, to put it mildly.

User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

9 months ago#33
Bayo may be safe (?), but she'll still have sold less. I guess all the praise it was given wasn't enough to get people to give it their money? Factual proof that not every game is perfect for Switch, after all.
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User Info: Cnn_Is_FakeNews

9 months ago#34
Gow is game of the year material

But I think it was made for the Ps4 Pro
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User Info: PS4Warrior

9 months ago#35
God of War is great.
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User Info: DavCube

9 months ago#36
Well of course you're going to think that if you're going into a game outright HOPING to hate it like this.

User Info: WhatHappened

9 months ago#37
That's a relief, I was really worried.
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User Info: SkinnEr2324

9 months ago#39
Hahaha fanboys are on suicide watch

User Info: metroidman18

9 months ago#40
God of war on an oled 4k is absolutely mind blowing and absolutely beats anything I found "artistic" in something like Botw
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  3. Deep into GoW, just wanted to let ya'll know Bayo is safe
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