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  3. Deep into GoW, just wanted to let ya'll know Bayo is safe

User Info: velvet_hammer

1 year ago#1
GoW doesnt feel nearly as epic as I thought it would.. Shouldnt have beaten bayo 2 last week :(

Any of the Luman Sage fights poop all over GoW. Plus the many other epics fights, Rodin and Jubileus from 1.

Bayonetta 3 so hyped
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User Info: Terantatek

1 year ago#2
Last weak?
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User Info: DuranmanX4

1 year ago#3
And you guys wonder why people make fun of you
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User Info: illmatic20xx

1 year ago#4
Well I disagree GOW is outstanding, but Bayo and Gow have different play styles so really it comes down to preference, Also im hyped for Bayo 3 to praying we get to see at at E3.

User Info: Heisenberg312

1 year ago#5
If god of war had tons of fan service and fought on a jet plane, it would be GotY then?
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User Info: freedumbdclxvi

1 year ago#6
I didn’t know Kratos was coming after her.
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User Info: Muryo

1 year ago#7
freedumbdclxvi posted...
I didn’t know Kratos was coming after her.

Death Battle idea!!
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User Info: rusty12000

1 year ago#8
I'm always happy to see a successful single player game, I don't care what platform it's on.
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User Info: PalebloodSeeker

1 year ago#9
The new God of War isn't trying to be Bayonetta so I'm not sure what you're getting at.
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