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User Info: N10DSenPi

9 months ago#11
It has 2 vibrators that bring me joy.
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User Info: Usabell

9 months ago#12
It can administer an enema.
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User Info: NicknameMy

9 months ago#13
It lets Sony look like fools:


User Info: Z6980

9 months ago#14
It can cure cancer.
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User Info: Terantatek

9 months ago#15
Run 30fps with drops or frame pacing issues.
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User Info: beltrunner19

9 months ago#16
It can conquer the entire Pacific Amphitheatre and commit horrible crimes against humanity.
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User Info: Dystroph

9 months ago#17
It can practice medicine in the great state of Iowa.

User Info: PalebloodSeeker

9 months ago#18
Some people don't know how to read.
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User Info: Apalachicola

9 months ago#19
The Nintendo Switch can obviously record your thoughts and generate corresponding Hulu recommendations. It also turns kids gay.
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