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User Info: KennyTheCrow

9 months ago#1
I’ll go first:

Artificial scarcity.

User Info: NotKarmicDragon

9 months ago#2
The trolls, they're not entertaining at all.
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User Info: WoIverine

9 months ago#3

User Info: DuranmanX4

9 months ago#4
Not much different from the Wii U
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User Info: scigeek101

9 months ago#5
Nintendo still more or less sucks for it's online. They've gotten better than they were in the past but still feel like they are about 10 years behind the curve.

It's loads better than it was back with Smash Bros Brawl (Holy s*** it didn't even work), but there is still just weird design choices and annoyances with almost everyone of their titles when it comes to online.

Another thing that I get annoyed at sometimes is NIntendo's game design philosophy as well, they believe that there is "one right way" to enjoy a game and don't really let you play it how you want. A good example of this would be lot's of games don't let you remap the controls. Why?
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User Info: spewman

9 months ago#6
Their obsession with innovation to the detriment of everything else.

User Info: QueenTakhisis

9 months ago#7
As the usual disclaimer, I like Nintendo quite a lot. But if I had to say something?

Nintendo -> A bit too arrogant and "family friendly" for their own good. I get that they want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy the games, and I don't have a problem with that. But at the same time, games are getting a bit too family friendly for my taste. Super Mario Odyssey is a great example. I love SM64 and Sunshine, and both offered quite a bit of a challenge. Odyssey is also really good, but the moons are so easy to get that you can literally skip most of the bosses in the game. Not all of them, but most. I also get that the lives in past Mario-games have been pointless since they introduced the world map, as we can simply farm as many lives as we want. Even if you get a game over in SM64, all that happens is you are thrown out of the painting. That's it. But while I see why they removed the lives in Odyssey entirely, I think that was the wrong way to go. They could rather have made the moons and lives more meaningful. This isn't an Odyssey rant, though. I love the game, even if there's no way in hell I'm getting all the moons. I'm not even halfway up, and I've explored all kingdoms (except the final hidden one) throughout, and really, really bored. It's more how Nintendo-games have been lately. "Everyone can play them!" True, but that's not always a good thing.

Switch -> If I play in handheld mode, put it in the dock and pick up the pro controller, it tends to switch to the pro controller automatically. So how come if I then pick it up and play in handheld mode, it still insist on using the pro controller? It's a minor issue, but is getting very annoying.
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User Info: Shmashter

9 months ago#8
Nintendo: games don’t drop in price and rarely have good sales

Switch: can’t charge in tabletop mode, can’t play with headphones docked

User Info: Master_Materia

9 months ago#9
Things in general this generation I dislike so that includes switch. Console versions of games costing more than mobile versions with little to no changes (Like 15 for console and 5 for mobile). The prices of some indie games being beyond ridiculous (20 for what is practically NES games in some cases). DLC/Season pass crap being all too common.

Swittch specific? Certain games having graphical or other downgrades compared to other consoles when there is no excuse for it as the games are not that demanding. Why is there any difference in a games like Atelier or Dragon Quest Builders or even Rocket League? These games are not Monster Hunter World or anything close.

And yes lack of sales/price drops for 1st party games. Lack of demos for first party games.

User Info: delRey91

9 months ago#10
What I hate most about Nintendo and the Switch is the the quantity of trolls it brings to the Gamefaqs board.
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