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User Info: AncientRomeBC

9 months ago#21
Can't wait for this!
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User Info: sephatu

9 months ago#22
A portable souls game. It's happening maan
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User Info: ThugETH

9 months ago#23
PS4 version it is for me then.
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User Info: dancing_cactuar

9 months ago#24
WebsandWigs posted...

It looks to run exactly the same as the 360 version. All I need to know is how Blighttown runs

I've been saying this pretty much since it was announced. Looks pretty good from this and IGN's 25 minute video, but the real test is Blighttown.
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User Info: Devan2230

9 months ago#25
ThugETH posted...
PS4 version it is for me then.

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User Info: Mdodmod

9 months ago#26
PalebloodSeeker posted...
He died to the Asylum Demon lol. It's hard to think of that fight as hard anymore.

Don't be lol'ing at everyone on here who will be playing their first Souls game.

User Info: ElectricMole

9 months ago#27
Can’t wait to invade and take the souls of all the people who avoided and hated on this series for a decade only to now play it...

Switch version for me.

User Info: radiobutton

9 months ago#28
I hope they fix that shakiness in the final build. =P

User Info: Linetrix

9 months ago#29
HowardtheDuck posted...
One the best metroidvania

I don't think you know what a metroidvania game is.
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User Info: Denizen_Of_Dark

9 months ago#30
Can't wait
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