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User Info: TakashiMifune85

1 year ago#11
I loved the N64. Still do, actually; one is hooked up to my tv as we speak. I missed out on the GameCube though because I had stopped gaming for a couple of years around that time. Nintendo did have a lot of great games that came out during the lifespan of those two consoles, even if they weren't the best-sellers of their day.
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User Info: ernieforss

1 year ago#12
i didn't like either. i feel like n64 was the start of the fall of nintendo's console empire. Sure their first couple of years were great, but it couldn't last compared to games like FF7 and crazy tech games like Bushido Blade.

I will say that every year during the n64 era one game did deserve game of the year. so it was worth buying. But i would literally spend like $180 a year on games while on ps1 and dreamcast side would spend in the thousands.

Gamecube i feel like there were less game of the year games. PS2 was kicking it's ass. Sure i would buy all the first party games on gamecube, but back then PS2 first party games were as great as the greatest gamecube game.
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User Info: Duluther

1 year ago#13
Chemazan posted...
Most games on N64 are garbage


N64 has the fewest amount of games of any Nintendo system partly because of quality control.

The polygons are outdated, but it easily had some of the best games out there.

I hate that i’m getting so old that I’m consistently reading posts from teenage talk through their ass about a system they weren’t around for.


User Info: knightmere122

1 year ago#14
Both had awful controllers but some great games.
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User Info: Cubivore_

1 year ago#15
Both have a handful of game that I love. The majority of games were trash

User Info: Lapatik

1 year ago#16
N64 was my childhood so I didn't mind that it had zero games back in the days

User Info: ZodiacSoldier

1 year ago#17
SNES was my first console so it definitely has a special place in my heart. It also had a very strong game library so it will always be one of my top consoles.

The N64 i never owned, but I did play it alot at friends/cousins house and I liked it.

Gamecube I owned and loved, there were alot of gems on that thing.
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User Info: OsafuneKatana

1 year ago#18
I enjoyed the N64 but liked the Gamecube more. I'd play it now if I could find it.
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User Info: 0ofreako0

1 year ago#19
anyone saying N64 is the best console of all time either isn't old enough to actually remember, or is being blinded by nostalgia. sure, there was some amazing games but...there weren't many. as a whole, the games weren't great.

User Info: xF0x

1 year ago#20
I loved GameCube and it's still my top favorite Nintendo console. N64 was okay, nothing to write home about outside of a few good games.
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