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User Info: ZGearS136

1 year ago#1
Everyone says Nintendo was at its best during the NES/SNES eras but I beg to disagree. I feel Nintendo's best games came during the N64 and Gamecube eras. Games like Mario 64, Ocarina of time, Goldeneye, Star Fox 64, Metroid Prime 1 and 2, Sunshine, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, etc. are the pinnacle of Nintendo games imo.
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User Info: Shivershade

1 year ago#3
N64 is the best console ever. If anyone disagrees with me, they can come find me and i'll sort them out.

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User Info: Chemazan

1 year ago#4
Most games on N64 are garbage

User Info: LuigiSuper7Up

1 year ago#5
DragonBoyYuki posted...
ZGearS136 posted...

Stopped reading there.

You should’ve stopped reading at the first sentence.

User Info: Littlefoot

1 year ago#6
I grew up with them, so i may have a nostalgic bias towards them. But i still consider them to be among Nintendo’s greatest consoles they’ve released.

Although looking back at it, the N64 comes off as a bit... underwhelming. The controller is weird and had a terrible analog stick, and some of it’s games have not aged particularily well.
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User Info: G4meHawk

1 year ago#7
Yup, I still got my gamecube plugged up and play pso from time to time.

User Info: DUBTuner

1 year ago#8
DragonBoyYuki posted...
ZGearS136 posted...

Stopped reading there.

That's almost the end of his post.

User Info: fernantendo

1 year ago#9
N64 was my first Nintendo console (I rolled with Genesis before that).

My best friend had a Super Snes, and we'd play together/take turns of some of its best games, like Mario World, Donkey Kong Country 1 2 3, Crono Trigger, A link to the Past, and Super Metroid, among several others. So its not like I didn't know what was out there, but I was perfectly happy with my Genesis.

But N64? Oh man, that system blew me away. Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time were the most incredible gaming experiences of the time, and deeply affected me. I can still feel their impact to this day.

But on top of those, I got to play great games (for their time, at least) like Resident Evil 2, Banjo Kazooie and its sequel, DK64, Conker, Jet Force Gemini, Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, Mario Kart 64 and the Party games, Majora's Mask, and others I am not remembering.

I remember the N64 more fondly than the Super Snes I played in my friend's house. And even after playing the games of Snes I missed, I generally just enjoyed more the N64.

In regards to Gamecube, yeah, it was good, but I prefer Snes over it.
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User Info: Thrasher7170

1 year ago#10
I grew up with GameCube, and it’ll always hold a place in my heart as one of the best Nintendo consoles.
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