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User Info: DrProfessor

10 months ago#1
Any recommendations?
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User Info: joserics

10 months ago#2
Enter the gungeon :D
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User Info: Kovatch

10 months ago#3
I like Brave Dungeon.
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User Info: DreTam2000

10 months ago#4
Indie games, by their very nature, seem to be fairly hidden. But then to those of us who follow them, they are not-so-hidden. So it's hard to say what one must recommend in order for it to be "hidden" by your standards.

Check out Dandara or Hyper Light Drifter. Blossom Tales seems good too. Try Chasm and look out for Heart Fourth, Alicia. The Mummy Demastered looks nice.

I suggest also checking out this group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/448204285372773/?ref=bookmarks ... scroll down and you'll see I've posted lots of indie game trailers over the months. They go back all the way to last year and perhaps even a bit before.

User Info: spewman

10 months ago#5
DreTam2000 posted...
The Mummy Demastered looks nice.

I think it's good but not great. Just be aware that the framerate really suffers at times with the heavy alpha effects.

User Info: PaulFoster

10 months ago#6
Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Ironcast, Golf Story & Blossom Tales are about all I could recommend.
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10 months ago#7
Currently on Switch:
Shovel Knight

Coming to Switch:
Hollow Knight BRILLIANT MASTERPIECE!!!!!! coming soon to Switch ... would gladly play 60 bucks for but its actually just 15 bucks.

I honest can't praise Hollow Knight enough ... it might be the greatest MetroidvaniaSOULS game ever.

The music
The story
The art style

Check out the trailer I posted ... if you like/love Metroid, Castlevania or Dark Souls ... tell me this doesn't look incredible to you.

All perfection.

Oh ... and its a meaty game ... 30-45 hours on average for most people.
More if you truly 106% the game ... yea ... more than 100% due to free DLC.

The only 2017 release I possibly liked more than it was Zelda BotW. And that's "possibly". This game is that damn good.
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User Info: ROB45

10 months ago#8
None on Switch.


10 months ago#9
Axiom Verge, Graceful Explosion Machine, Golf Story, Stardew Valley, Flinthook and Shovel Knight are the best ones that are available now.
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User Info: Terotrous

10 months ago#10
Mercenaries Saga Chronicles, Riptide GP: Renegade, NBA Playgrounds.
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