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  3. Version 5.0 just threw of hackers completely

User Info: Andros-2K7

10 months ago#1


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User Info: the_NGW

10 months ago#2
Totally justified a major X.0 update that did nothing else of value beyond "hey you can add all two of your facebook friends that have a Switch that you already didn't add" and "more parental controls" because we sure need those.
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User Info: KaiRyusaki

10 months ago#3
I ain't giving your video views

User Info: DeepsPraw

10 months ago#4
Glad I haven't updated yet!
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User Info: cory1225

10 months ago#5
DeepsPraw posted...
Glad I haven't updated yet!

Me either. Home brew is making major breakthroughs
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User Info: DeepsPraw

10 months ago#6
Yeah, I'm gonna buy Bayo 1 and 2 while I can and then go dark for a very long time
pepsi for tv-game

User Info: Board_hunter567

10 months ago#7
They'll find a way eventually (they always do).
Hope those who are interested in "homebrew" aren't interested in online play, just saying.
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User Info: Magitek111

10 months ago#8
People should know this after how many times the PSP and 3DS got updates solely to remove exploits.
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User Info: metroidman18

10 months ago#9
I feel like this topic has been made for every Nintendo update for the last 10 years
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User Info: Nesty38

10 months ago#10
Thanks TC, I learned something.
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