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User Info: XCutioner93

4 weeks ago#281

Feel free to add

User Info: yakarot

4 weeks ago#282
darkdeity9 posted...
Here's mine. What's the maximum?

500 I believe
Gotta go Fast! Add me on Switch!!
Friend Code: SW-1309-7290-9711

User Info: BCJMU99

3 weeks ago#283
I need more friends, see sig! :)
Gamertag/PSN:TheCrenshaw / Switch:SW-3006-9908-4697
Currently Playing: Resident Evil 2(PS4),AC: Odyssey(PS4),RDR2(XB1), and Fallout 76(XB1)

User Info: ZetsuHope

3 weeks ago#284
FC: sw-3659-8604-7975

User Info: ObZen46

3 weeks ago#285
In my sig.
feel free to add
PSN: rob302
Switch: SW-6156-5316-3129

User Info: Foalku

3 weeks ago#286

I mostly just like to look at whos playing what :)
W.H.U.F.C | 3DS Friend Code: 2079-7581-1649
Xbox/PSN: Foalku

User Info: Darkhexen

2 weeks ago#287
Feel free to add me!


User Info: Moegitto

2 weeks ago#288
Feel free to add me, been in the Monster Hunter mood but still in 3 star

Everyone on GameFaqs pretty much is a troll. This site honestly has the WORST user base I have ever seen. -Tuggboat1121

User Info: clynnc19

1 week ago#289
I mostly play single player games but love seeing what other people are playing so feel free to add me :) For multiplayer I do play Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2, and can’t wait for Animal Crossing to release!


Also here’s my husband’s friend code. He doesn’t have many friends so feel free to add him too. We’re both doing another play through in Skyrim so we’ll mostly be playing that.

(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: _Matchabuu_

1 week ago#290
Add me! Code is in sig. currently obsessed with splatoon 2
\o/ uwu
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