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User Info: Romeo0513

1 month ago#241
Feel free to add me.
add me PSN: ROMEO513. Nintendo friend code 6067-8345-5317

User Info: Spartan718

1 month ago#242
In sig
Friend Code: 4828-8558-3363(3ds), SW-3836-1677-3781(Switch)

User Info: KINGJ79

1 month ago#243
Feel free to add me in my sig.
Gamer4life XBL: DIVINE S0UL / PSN: darkarmy27/ FC:sw-4931-3749-8585

User Info: dr_zomberg

1 month ago#244
just got my switch. how.... do i check where my fc is? (didnt even know switch still used this crap)
VG collector, professional 3d erotica creator, phd in zombie folklore, a girl.
i DEMAND nazi white men dlc for battlefield 5

User Info: McRedstoneYT

1 month ago#245
friend code:

3DS FC: 2123-1690-4518 ~ Xbox Gamertag: MCRedstoneYT64 ~ Youtube: MCRedstoneYT64 ~ Twitter: @McYt64

User Info: jsb0714

1 month ago#246
In the sig
Switch: SW-3960-1748-8688, PSN: jsbtheITguy, Steam: jsbtheITguy
In my signature.
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

User Info: ohollywoodo

1 month ago#248
Please add me
SW-0391-6437-3422 <-- feel free to add me
hey sorry for the late reply guys lots of family stuff went down so i was afk for a while I will be sure to add everyone and I appreciate it as well. as of right now i just beat the elite four caught mewtwo and beat green all i have to do now is finish the pokedex which is really not hard except the part with the game exclusive pokemon I am not sure if this is ok to post in this part of the forum but so far I only have vulpix I still need koffing meowth hitmonchan pincer and ekans also i have discovered some things about the game that I think might help people but I am not sure where to post that is there a forum specifically for lets go?

User Info: ProboBum

1 month ago#250
SW-0529-9611-1800 feel free to add. Mainly play Smash atm though
If there's anything I learned, it's that trolls will always troll no matter what ya do. Trolls are gonna troll and fanboys are gonna fanboy.
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