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  3. Any of the Lego Games worth it?

User Info: StephenYap3

1 year ago#21
Lego City. My favorite Lego game on the Wii U and it still is. I double-dipped on Switch, but I had to take it back since I needed money at the time for life reasons. I do want to buy it again, but it'll have to be digital since I want to lessen the need for me to swap cartridges.
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User Info: Terra-enforcer

1 year ago#22
GM807 posted...
Do yourself a favor and get Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. Besides Undercover it' s the best one available on switch, imo. I got it on PS4 and still enjoy it. Also it will get a truckload of dlc levels and characters, some of which are already out, for a way cheaper price than most season passes nowadays.

Thanks (to you and all the other recommendations). Ended up getting it and I like it so far.

I might go back to get Lego City too before the deal goes out.
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User Info: Lvaneede

1 year ago#23
Lego City is so good. Easily the best game in the series.
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User Info: captsplatter_1

1 year ago#24
Probably more entertaining playing with your kid I imagine.
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User Info: Lifeburn

1 year ago#25
I enjoy the Lego games and I am in my 30s. They all play largely the same so pick whichever franchise interests you most.
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