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User Info: Beetleking22

1 year ago#21
most boring new IP from NIntendo.... I did not even liked it in SUper mariio 3D WORLD.

User Info: SomeBlindGuy

1 year ago#22
Yes definetly.
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User Info: NeoMonk

1 year ago#23
I'm Cop'n The Cap'n
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User Info: KurzWeber72

1 year ago#24
What about Kapp'n 'n Toad, the Captain Toad Animal Crossing cross over (Crossing over?) we've all been waiting for?
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User Info: kinggravy

1 year ago#25
xF0x posted...
Why is he a captain, he's just a lone explorer in the game and there's no point in giving him ranks if he's on his own. With Detective Pikachu he's an actual detective in the game, while Toad's game title is misleading. If instead of F-Zero they called the series Bounty Hunter Falcon the title would be about as relevant to the game's content as Captain Toad's.

How do you know he didn't rise to the rank of captain before beginning his exploratory mission? The princess isn't going to leave the task of hunting treasure to a lowly grunt.
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User Info: Radbot42

1 year ago#26
If its priced right and has enough new content i will. I'm annoyed they didn't make a sequel though
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User Info: xxdudeyy

1 year ago#27
I kept dying on the 49th level of Mummy-Me Maze Forever repeatedly on the wii u version, so i rage quit, deleted the game and vowed to never play it again on any console.

I'm very salty.

User Info: Thorspider

1 year ago#28
Maybe. I liked the concept but I felt it got a bit repetitive on Wii. Maybe enough time has gone by for another go. Prob not a day 1 buy though

User Info: DrRockso87

1 year ago#29

... when it's cheaper.

User Info: bigjclassic

1 year ago#30
One of the best Wii U games, loved playing it a few years ago. This is a day one for me and the wife, the co-op looks sweet.
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