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  3. So who's buying Cap'n Toad?

User Info: Lvaneede

1 year ago#31
I wouldnt if it was only on Switch, but I will buy the 3DS version because Captain Toad will look amazing in 3D.
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User Info: Gogo726

1 year ago#32
Not until there's a sale.
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User Info: ROB45

1 year ago#34
Already own it.

User Info: mortiz800

1 year ago#35
I’m buying since that’s about the time I abandoned the Wii U and stopped buying games for it
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User Info: SenninShin

1 year ago#36
I bought the Wii U version, but never played it that much, so... no, thanks.

User Info: Anclation

1 year ago#37
Depends on whether I have other games to play when it comes out, and how much new content it is. The Wii U original is a fantastic puzzle game, but I already did everything there was to do in that game except that obnoxiously long maze challenge.
Yeah... Sorry.

User Info: trinthaita

1 year ago#38
already got my pre-order in, this was one of the wii u games i wanted to play most and after playing the levels in 3d world i am sooo ready for this

User Info: ssj_duelist

1 year ago#39
If it's cheat and there's a lot of new content. I loved it on the wii u but I've already 100%'d it.

User Info: Dark_SilverX

1 year ago#40
I will when it goes on sale
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