direct this month?

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User Info: HeavyLobster43

7 months ago#31
Realistically I think they've already laid out their 1st half lineup, which is Kirby in March, Labo in April, and Mario Tennis in May/June, along with a few ports mixed in. Not exactly the biggest, most exciting games but it is a steady stream of new releases. They will have to announce a release date for Mario Tennis within the next couple of months, and I'd expect to see a Direct at that time announcing at least some of their 2nd half lineup.

User Info: luminion187

7 months ago#32
nephalim posted...
Nintendo has said repetedly they want to keep the momentum. You can expect a direct or multiple game announcements in the next several weeks.

Wishful thinking.

User Info: FunkyKong84

7 months ago#33
Tortus2 posted...
I would imagine Nintendo might want to make a Direct for the Switch's anniversary.

good point

User Info: pikachupwnage

7 months ago#34
FunkyKong84 posted...
Tortus2 posted...
I would imagine Nintendo might want to make a Direct for the Switch's anniversary.

good point

Not really. It’s not unlikely really but I don’t get why people are latching onto this.

I don’t recall them ever doing a “system launch anniversary” direct.
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User Info: Quesker

7 months ago#35
something316 posted...
Quesker posted...
Well, that guy who correctly predicted the mini-direct and the Labo direct said that there was going to be a direct in February.

But PLOT TWIST! The February direct is on February 28th, 2018!

...I sincerely hope it's well before that, or else I'm going to have some pan marks on my face.

wut. do u have a source?

Nah. I was just jossing. Although in this case, I hope I'm really just joking and not jinxing the direct to the last possible day.
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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
7 months ago#36
luminion187 posted...
First we got that pathetic mini direct last month, then that disastrous 'Labo' crap.

Hoo boy, you sure aren't doing a good job hiding DAT trolling. Who's going to be devastated by the "disastrous Labo crap"? The haters that won't like it when it will sell like gangbusters?

luminion187 posted...
Is Nintendo trying to sabotage the Switch's success? I'm worried.

As "worried" as everyone was about Xenoblade 2's sales when it swiftly became the best selling entry in the series? Yeah, I bet you're worried.

luminion187 posted...
Although Bayonetta seems to be selling like hot cakes on Amazon oddly

Yeah man, it's odd how people like to buy good games.

lmao, what a tool.

luminion187 posted...
Everyones already forgotten about that disaster called Xenoblade 2.

Yeah, complete disaster for you trolls. Nintendo has another success on their hands, grrrrrrrr!

luminion187 posted...
Everythings been downhill since after the release of Mario Odyssey.

Being a Switch hater must be hard. It's going downhill ever since it launched. :)
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User Info: Tenchi UK

Tenchi UK
7 months ago#37
Megaman Omega posted...
Yeah, complete disaster for you trolls. Nintendo has another success on their hands, grrrrrrrr!

a lot of people who hated Xenoblade 2 were fans of the original or X (i personally loved XB2) its not some hate campaign against nintendo for taking in monolithsoft

its the same way that XBX got a lot of hate from people who disliked the changes to the formula such as the looser structure or avatar character.
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User Info: supertecmobowl

7 months ago#38
Captainjiggz_ posted...
I don't see why people understand that Nintendo doesn't care about the arbitrary things you care about.

"B-But the one year anniversary of the Switch's release!!"
Nintendo will likely, post a tweet about it, and that's it.

"B-but, the drought'
You knew exactly what you were getting into by buying a Nintendo console. They believe the current setup of games to be released like Kirby, Mario Tennis, Bayo ports, Labo, etc, is a substantial line up.

This exactly. I don't believe there will be a direct on the one year anniversary. If Nintendo had enough games to have a big direct, they should have announced it in January. I don't see another direct until E3.
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User Info: supertecmobowl

7 months ago#39
luminion187 posted...
February - Bayonetta 1+2
March - Kirby
April - Labo
May - Donkey Kong
June - E3

Doesn't seem like we're getting anymore major announcements until E3 (where they'll announce releases for the 2nd half of the year and more info on their online service)

Yep, the first 6 months of Switch is total dogs***. E3 is the last hope for this year.
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User Info: supertecmobowl

7 months ago#40
Tenchi UK posted...
Maverick_Reznor posted...
Labo was recieved with quite a bit a praise despite sony fanboy s*** posting

you do realize that some of the most negative stuff regarding the switch and nintendo stuff comes from within its own fanbase, look at the likes of colour splash and sticker star, most of the negativity over those comes from the fans of the original two games who disliked the changes made to the formula, ive seen heavy defenders of the wiiu s***-talk the switch, and fans of the gamecube era who really dislike the wii and wiiu

its a fanbase divided, kind of like what happened with the final fantasy series (look at what happened with FFXVs fan reception) this isnt saying that there isnt petty console war or "pc master race" stuff on the system boards but often with companies or franchises that change things up a lot you find the most vitriol comes from within the fanbase itself.

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