Are nintendo switch fans the most intolerables?

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User Info: QualmanIsBack

2 months ago#61
scorpio man posted...
asad90000 posted...
In my opinion Nintendo fan boys are the most cringe people to ever graze the earth.

Agreed, and I used to be a huge Nintendo fanboy, they lost alot of credit with me after me buying the Wii U and I refuse to buy the Wii U 2.0 (Switch)

You sound so dumb, it's not even funny.

User Info: QualmanIsBack

2 months ago#62
doutforharambe posted...
All fanboys suck

User Info: Blayshy

2 months ago#63
The gaming community as a whole is worse.
Uh... A-Are you sure to interact with others?
-Mario, Ganondorf, Sonic, Bowser Jr. / Wendy, Duck Hunt, Marth, Mewtwo Mainer.

User Info: SyCo_VeNoM

2 months ago#64
Sethman409 posted...
Look up the Steam Bayonetta boards. They exploded when 3 was announced as Switch exclusive. Demanding it gets ported, talking about how they can't wait until they can pirate it, they're really big fans but refuse to support it, etc.

Ehh that is the extreme vocal minority.
I'm technically part of the "PC Master Race" as I've been gaming on Computers since the 80s(started on a Commodore 64 ;)), and own I'd guess 5-10X more games on my PC currently then I've had on all my consoles added together.

If you want to go on that though you could look at the PS360 boards when #2 was announced as a Nintendo exclusive, and look at kamiya's twitter at all the people screaming, and whining at him over that.
But still it is the extreme minority.
AstralFrost: What part is unique about the Wii U thats actually positive? The underpowered console? The direct ipad ripoff controller? The slew of platformers?
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