Why aren't there more third party games for switch?

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User Info: jeffyg3

7 months ago#41
PainkillerD posted...
McribIsBack posted...
jeffyg3 posted...
PS4 - 1st year releases - 180 games released.

Switch - 8 MONTHS worth of releases - 370+ games, majority of them 3rd party.

Mainly indies.

Like someone said, they also count as 3rd party, even if they're small

Also people seem to forget other games like Valkyrie Chronicles 4 and Outlast 1 & 2 being announced for Switch as well and goes unnoticed. Plus Nintendo doesn’t play like the others. A lot of the games they announce doesn’t happened until later in March-May for both 3rd and 1st/2nd party.

Nintendo said they’re changing their 3rd party business and it’s showing with more and more 3rd party games announced big and small...and for only 9 months old it’s gotten a good amount. And so far what we’ve gotten in 9 months is far better than the horrid list of games PS4 had in its first year, 2nd year for the PS4 was fairly bad too.

User Info: Shah138

7 months ago#42
freedumbdclxvi posted...
Shah138 posted...
freedumbdclxvi posted...
Shah138 posted...
freedumbdclxvi posted...
HylianShield posted...
System is too weak. Can't even handle Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in handheld mode.

How so? I just brought my Switch with me this afternoon on errands, and I did some battles and exploration with no issues.

He might be referring to framerate drops or how the game can get a pretty low resolution. I can't speak for docked but I know it happens to me in handheld.

What spots for you? I was fighting in Uraya in the Stomach and exploring the area plus some of Fonsa Myma. No issues there for me at least.

The framerate drops usually happen in towns whereas resolution drops I see in bigger areas like the big area outside Torigoth.

Interesting. I may give handheld another go tomorrow, as I’m back in Torigoth starting Electra’s quest and it’s raining, so that’s something that may cause a drop.

Is that a Blade? I literally just got her lol
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User Info: DiscostewSM

7 months ago#43
The Wii U likely has something to do with it, TC. It didn't do well, so it's very possible that many 3rd-parties weren't willing to jump onto Nintendo's next console. Some did as we see, but only because they were taking a risk. Now, Switch is selling extremely well (with reports that it beat Wii U's numbers within the first year?), so these other 3rd-parties are likely to try and jump on. The problem is that it takes time to develop for the Switch, even if it were just ports.
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User Info: kobalobasileus

7 months ago#44
1. It's too new.
2. Western third-parties underestimated it.
3. Eastern third-parties are focused on mobile and pachinko.

User Info: Kira-belmontx

7 months ago#45
McribIsBack posted...
MushroomMuncher posted...
Because the system is not even a year old yet. Almost. Most consoles don't have much to offer in its first year
h_durao posted...
If you want third party support you should have bought a ps4 tbh

How much is Sony paying you

I know the ps4 didn't have a lot of huge titles in its first year, but at least there was a lot announced.

Switch had a better launch year then both PS4 and xb1 combined

User Info: The_shoemaker

7 months ago#46
Think of it this way, the success of the Switch wasn't really realized until Mario Odyssey. Sales were good, but it was hard to say where it would end up. Now it's without a doubt doing well.

I'm sure a lot of developers are only just starting Switch development. Also likely took games like Skyrim and DOOM to show those games can work on Switch and there's an audience.

User Info: Junior_AIN

7 months ago#47
It's a Nintendo console. They couldn't get games on the Wii and it had like more sales than the rest combined, they won't have much case for a hybrid console handheld that is actually a Wii U port emulator.

This isn't new.
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User Info: TakashiMifune85

7 months ago#48
Give it time. With the way the Switch is selling, third parties will come if (and that's a big "IF" for some games) they can get their games to run competently on it. Development takes time, so expect to see more third party and indie games released on Switch in the future, just don't expect every multi-platform game to be ported over.
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User Info: JJR82

7 months ago#49
Junior_AIN posted...
It's a Nintendo console. They couldn't get games on the Wii and it had like more sales than the rest combined, they won't have much case for a hybrid console handheld that is actually a Wii U port emulator.

This isn't new.

You would have to be blind, stupid, or living under a rock if you actually think like that and don’t see the amount of 3rd party support Nintendo has been garishing up far exceed that of its predecessors. Like people have been saying Nintendo changed the way they handle third parties and it’s working in their favor. The Switch selling like nothing else before it and many core gamers wanting one and third party games selling really well on the Switch add to the increasing big third party push on the Switch.
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User Info: Gamespoht

7 months ago#50
Compared to predecessors it is garnering great 3rd party support, but it's not as full supported as people keep thinking.

Games like Rocket league, Skyrim and DS Remastered are good to see on the switch but it's really past or remade games getting ported you really don't see much future announcements for multiplats like Monster Hunter World, FighterZ, Kingdom Hearts 3, etc. Mostly cause of development problems or just not communicating. It's a step up from how the Wii U was treated at least
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