Cuphead NEEDS to be ported on switch!

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User Info: kilaude

5 months ago#21
SkuIItuIakid posted...
CartridgeHero posted...
SkuIItuIakid posted...
And for some reason playing games on a computer just feels wrong to me...

Why does it feel wrong for you?

Idk I just remember playing those old cereal box games, and those free online games when I was a kid. And I guess since I felt the quality difference between that and the console games on the GameCube and 64 at the time. It kinda warped my view of playing games on a PC. Have the same bad taste in my mouth about mobile games.
I mean I know computers can play quality games now so it's not a vallid oppinion, it just feels odd to me, and I wouldn't want to play any PC on anything other than a TV like monitor. No laptops.

I can relate to this TC. Even if I had a high end pc, I'd probably end up playing in a console.
Greatest games of all time: Shenmue, Phantasy Star IV and FFVII

User Info: RoyalDroneX

5 months ago#22
that's up to Microsoft
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User Info: Lm03

5 months ago#23
RoyalDroneX posted...
that's up to Microsoft

User Info: Ranticoot

5 months ago#24
i'm going to say this in every cuphead for switch topic

if you have a computer, it will probably play cuphead
so just get it for PC
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User Info: 1UpJohn

5 months ago#25
I think Microsoft loves money more than having an exclusive. They'd make a nice chunk of coin releasing it on the Switch. The game is more suited for Nintendo fans, in my opinion.

User Info: Kovatch

5 months ago#26
Overrated satanic game.
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User Info: SS2Matt

5 months ago#27
Also Hat in Time.
"You truly are the Lord of the Rings" - Frildo Boggins

User Info: SS2Matt

5 months ago#28
Chemazan posted...
Switch can't run cuphead

I'm no tech genius or anything, but I'm pretty sure it could.
"You truly are the Lord of the Rings" - Frildo Boggins

User Info: BlueDsc

5 months ago#29
SS2Matt posted...
Also Hat in Time.

Fantastic game right there.

Much as I'll get hate for it, I'd call it better than Mario Odyssey in some aspects.

User Info: Junior_AIN

5 months ago#30
Why not keep playing wherever you might be playing already and no...
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