My Experience with Sonic Forces so far.

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User Info: BenjaMan64

4 months ago#1
Greetings, some people may have doubts regarding the latest 3D Sonic game, specially due to Polygon's 5/10 score and Sega not giving the media Review Codes, so I've decided to share my personal experience with all of you, in case you're on the fence of whether to get this game or not. I hope this is of help to you all.

I've been playing the Switch version and so far it's good, no bugs or glitches that hamper the experience. The story is definitely more serious, even lampshaded by Cubot and Orbot in the opening cutscene. "The boss is serious this time" indeed. Seeing Tails despairing and almost obsessing over Classic Sonic is kind of sad, Rouge is back on her role as a spy and infiltrator, and Knuckles not being anymore the archetypical idiot, but a more serious character, is quite refreshing.

The idea of Eggman torturing Sonic for six months, keeping him alive just to make him watch completely conquering the world (Intro to Stage 2 very light spoilers, but marked just in case), specially after his latest goofier incarnations, is jarring to say the least. That would be expected of SatAM/Archie Comics Eggman/Robotnik, not much of Main Games Eggman.

Although the stages I've played until now have been around 4 minutes long (assuming you don't have to retry), many of them offer alternate routes, not just for the Avatar and their Wispons, but also for Modern and Classic Sonic. You'll need to return to the stages and explore if you wish to nab those Red Rings, they seem to be placed in alternate routes in some stages, so grabbing them all in one go won't always be feasible.

Oh, and you can switch language to French, Spanish and Japanese. The cast sounds... interesting in some of the cutscenes in different languages. Also, you can rewatch cutscenes in a theater mode.

The one issue I have is that the buttons configuration can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning; I've gotten a few deaths due to forgetting which is the the Wispon Attack button, and a few times I used Drop Dash instead of the Grappling Hook, which led my Avatar and sometimes Sonic to an early grave. As one plays and learns the controls, all this should mitigate however.

There are a few QTE sections, but they are bonuses, that is, there's no penalty for failing them... but there's a good score bonus for performing well. This may please players who dislike QTEs.

As I play more, I'll keep you all updated.

User Info: Kovatch

4 months ago#2
Very nice info.
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User Info: Tony_Biggie_Pun

4 months ago#3
I liked the game too. It was short, but short and sweet and the presentation and music is top notch. Final Boss was tough, but rewarding once I finally beat him although it took me 55 minutes to do so >_>

User Info: BenjaMan64

4 months ago#4

I've kept on playing the game, and so far no glitches or bugs yet. An issue I do have is that the homing attack sometimes feel a bit off, but maybe that's just me. Some bosses start easy, but later on up the ante in their attacks. Having quick reflexes is a must for those cases. A few stages can get quite trippy, such as the Avatar's Metropolis stage.

Enemies in most stages aren't challenging at all, several of the gadgets that the Avatar can use can dispatch several of them at once before they even have a chance to attack, making fighting them an afterthought, most retries in my case have been due to falling in pits and a few times being beaten by certain bosses.

I guess they wanted to avoid a case like Sonic Unleashed, where the sometimes prolonged fighting sections of the Werehog stages weren't well-received apparently. Giving some enemies a bit of an edge, such as having to remove a shield before attacking them (similar to Sonic Heroes), having more than 1 HP, or them being fast enough to attack before being destroyed, would have made defeating some of them a bit more satisfying.

User Info: Jonbazookaboz

4 months ago#5
Personally i thought it was utter garbage. It ties for worst game of the year for me. Buy mania instead. Or mario
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User Info: fon1988

4 months ago#6
I like the music, the story, the graphics, and the OC maker.

What I don't like is just how off the 2D sections feel to me. I don't know if it's because I have played Sonic Mania so much lately but I just can't seem to control the characters very well in 2D.

The 3D segments are nice if not super easy though.
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User Info: Fauch

4 months ago#7
I'm glad that you're enjoying the game but to me it looks awful. And I'm rarely wrong about these things.
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User Info: Blayshy

4 months ago#8
Jonbazookaboz posted...
Personally i thought it was utter garbage. It ties for worst game of the year for me. Buy mania instead. Or mario

You had to be a dick about it?
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User Info: Drac_Mazoku

4 months ago#9
I absolutely love the game. And I'm saying that even after just coming out of 100%ing Mario Odyssey 3 days before starting it. Obviously I went into it on my own, like any previous Sonic games, since I never trust any reviews for Sonic games, they'll be bad by default.

I'm on it since Monday, and so far I'm not done yet (stage 21). Granted, like all previous Sonic games, I'm not moving to the next stage until I've truly 100% the stages and all the missions available at that point. Doing so, I was able to appreciate the stages more than just rushing through the main route. I just finished the mission of clearing Stage 21 in 90 seconds, and my god was it fun. Trying to search every secret path to manage to get there in time in an optimal way, this is where Sonic games truly shines for me, and this game is no exception so far. Overall, if you just don't rush to the end, there's enough content to keep you busy for some time.

Sure, there's a few drawback. Mainly the 2D stages physics are not the best. And the lack of stage variety I think. But other than that, I love the more serious Sonic story (while keeping it to Sonic/Avatar gameplay only), the graphics that I believe looks great on Switch (some truly awesome moment, like Stage 16 which really wowed me), and yes, even the cheesy soundtrack, which I believe is an important part of any 3D Sonic games (big lover of Sonic R soundtrack here :) )! We all know Sonic is pure cheese at this point, and it kinda goes with the experience!

Granted I'm not done with it yet, but so far, this is a good 8/10 for me.
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User Info: BenjaMan64

4 months ago#10
Last update.

Well, I finished the main story. Some of the later stages can be quite challenging and will require fast reflexes and good platforming skills. Competing certain optional "challenges", which sometimes consist of just changing a piece of clothing, will net you bonuses that will help you get S-Ranks more easily. Whether that's a good or bad thing it's quite subjective.

Small spoiler: some of the marketed returning villains don't even have boss fights. Quite the missed opportunity there. Fortunately the final boss does feel epic... but it's not exactly challenging either.

After finishing the main story, you can make other Avatars in case you want to try different skills and loadouts, as each species has an unique skill and you can unlock improved versions of the existing weapons, some of which can unlock new routes through the stages or help you traverse them in different way. This, coupled with the tons of customization items that can be unlocked, will keep completionists and people fond of character creators quite busy.

Besides the 30 story stages, there are also a few optional stages that are unlocked as one plays through the game. I haven't played all of them, I'll admit, but the few ones I have tried are definitely made for players looking for a challenge.

In the end, although Sonic Forces won't win many GOTY awards, it's still a good game but far from exceptional, yet the $40 price tag will make it worthwhile to some. I'll go back to it eventually to try to get more Red Rings and S-Ranks, create and try new Avatars, attempt the extra stages and hear the characters speaking in different languages. Also, I still have to play Episode Shadow.

At this moment, I give SF an 8 out of 10.

I hope these posts are of use to you in order to help you decide whether SF is worth your time and money. Have a great day.
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