So when and where do you play Switch as a handheld?

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User Info: yeoldegamer

4 months ago#21
in bed mostly, the rest of the time I use it docked.

User Info: fon1988

4 months ago#22
I go to my parent's house and play in handheld mode quite a bit, as well as some friend's places. Also, lunch break at work is a good time for it.
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User Info: Thrasher7170

4 months ago#23
When? Almost always, though docked mode has seen more love since my GF started playing games with me.

Where? Literally everywhere. In class, at work, in my room, in her room, in my friends’ room, on the bench outside, on the toilet...
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User Info: OdaNobuna

4 months ago#24
All the time. Never played it docked.
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User Info: MrTripStack

4 months ago#25
I treat the Switch as a handheld primarily. In the three or so months I've had mine, I've only docked it maybe 4-5 times. I mostly play in bed and sometimes around the house, or maybe sitting out on the porch if it's a nice day. I played it once at the local laundry mat when our washer was acting up, but I'm rarely in a situation where I know I'll be waiting somewhere for an hour or longer where I think it'll be worth taking along. I could definitely see myself playing on a plane or long car ride if the opportunity presented itself.

I have fairly large hands, but I've never had an issue with playing handheld after a short adjustment period. If I am playing docked, I greatly prefer split JoyCons (haven't tried a ProCon yet). I find my fingers overlap around the back and fight for a comfortable place to sit when using the included grip, whereas my fingers can lay across the back of the Switch itself when playing handheld and isn't as cramped.

I tried buying some silicone JoyCon grips and while they made it a fair bit more comfortable, I personally didn't like how they were nearly flush with the face buttons and particularly made Plus/Minus difficult to press, but perhaps some sort of similar grip would work for you.

User Info: kholdstare04

4 months ago#26
i've tried a couple of times in the house. and once in the hospital.... also tabletop mode with my nephew playing metal slug 3. but most of the time its docked.

User Info: HipHopBeats

4 months ago#27
Rhio2k posted...
Every day in company truck and on the way home at bus terminal and on the bus...then, when I get home. I've got a wierd coworker. He bought a Switch...or so he CLAIMS, since he won't leave the house with it. He bought it ONLY for Zelda. Idiot could've just gotten a Wiiu. He always wants me to let him play MHXX during breaks, but screw that. I'm still trying to grind to get up to where I am in Generations, stat-wise. If you want to play it, buy your own copy and bring your own damn switch from home. Nobody's gonna jump you. Hell, I'm catching buses to and from home (both the bus terminal and my home are in low-income, mainly black areas) and playing unmolested in public, while this guy has a car and lives in a middle-class white area. What's HE got to worry about? Why are nintendo portable gamers afraid to bring their portables outside the home? People only get robbed for their PHONES. I could see if you're still a kid in school, but as an adult you should have the means to defend yourself and your property, and fear shouldn't hold you back from using your property in a normal manner. Now, if you're stupid enough to fall for the old "Hey, dawg, lemme play dat fo' a minute?"...well, that's on you. A polite refusal is all you need.

Lol, true indeed. I was playing my Switch on the train today. Black dudes, white chics, whoever, nobody really have a crap. I even saw a few hot chics checking me out whenever I looked up. Either way, I had a blast and I almost wished the ride was longer, lol. Now I definitely need to invest in a travel case.

I don't get adults who talk about fear of getting robbed for your Switch. Now I could see some kids in bad ass high schools getting jumped and robbed for one, like you said. But as an adult, especially a man, you're right. You should definitely be able to defend yourself. I've seen tiny ass, slim women with big ass Galaxy Notes, watching movies on the train, in poor neighborhoods with big ass earphones on and nothing happened to them. I guess Mobb Deep said it best... Shook Ones, lol.

Your coworker sounds like a leeching bum I would keep at arms length. I can't stand freeloader losers always asking for something and never having their own.
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User Info: HipHopBeats

4 months ago#28
HyperonicX posted...
I'm in the same boat, TC.

Because I just can't get used to the joycons on the side of the tablet, I keep it docked when playing, or in a case when not in use.

When I was in the train, I used my bag as a lap table. Being able to rest my hands on something while playing made a big difference, but docked mode at home is the most comfortable way for me to play. I'll still play handheld on the go, but I'm hoping to catch a black friday sale for a pro controller.
Who cares? Just play the game instead of popping a blood vessel over meaningless sh.. - DoMyBest

User Info: ckross144

4 months ago#29
Either on the couch when the TV is being used or in bed.
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User Info: Blitz_kid_

4 months ago#30
Mostly never
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