If it wasn't for the handheld aspect this would have been a colossal failure

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User Info: Maverick_Reznor

4 months ago#71
if it didn't have the portability aspect, see would be looking at a very different console
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User Info: SaberGenesis

4 months ago#72
Thrasher7170 posted...
“If it wasn’t for the main selling point of the Switch, it wouldn’t have sold anything!”

That’s what you just said.

Exactly. I don't think we can honestly say what would have happened if the console was a hybrid; it would have most likely gone in a completely different direction.
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User Info: Mozzezz

4 months ago#73
Kyoshiro12345 posted...
Mozzezz posted...
Kyoshiro12345 posted...
Mozzezz posted...
PSP also upped it's resolution when connecting to a TV,

how? I have the psp dock, a psp3000, and a dock with the pspGO, how do you upp that resolution? I would like to play my psp exclusives in HD right now.

Sorry, my mistake.

Upon further looking into it it only works for movies ran off the PSP.

All of this is sub HD mind you.


You have to read through the first four posts of my link at least.

I guess the on the fly auto switching of Resolutions to save power is still kind of unique for the Switch. I'm sure some laptops and tablets are preset up to do this though as well. But still, I think most you have to play with the settings manually (same probably with phones), the Switch is kind of a unique class of portable so just saying you can do it on laptops, tablets, and phones I suppose isn't enough, and most of the time those laptops and tablets as far as I know don't support Resolutions beyond what their screens are capable of handling where as the Switch does support a Resolution over it's screen when outputting to TV, though phones seem to be capable of doing this.

The Hybrid nature of the Switch, or the unique aspects of it (or sort of unique aspects of it), I still don't think are that big of a deal, and Nintendo probably didn't invent any of the core stuff. But if you look at the size, shape, and other aspects of the Switch's hardware, combined with these at least sort of unique aspects, I suppose I need to at least give credit where credit is due and say they are at least kind of unique and Nintendo also seems to be playing a huge role in popularizing them with the Switch.

Again sorry for the misunderstanding. Most of this stems from an argument I was having with some one earlier that I probably should have looked into further, but the argument lasted for a pretty long time and I was too burnt out to take it further.

I was honestly curious, wasn't mocking, there are games that I would have loved to do that, like crisis core and the psp bleach heat the soul series.

Oh sorry about that, I took it like you knew the answer already, but no big deal anyway, as the statement in itself caused me to look up a few things and better understand the situation in a few areas dealing with this stuff that will only serve to benefit me (and some stuff I'm a little ashamed I didn't know already). I do also appreciate that it was an inquiry and not just mocking me though lol.

It's just a pain to sort some of this stuff out, but the knowledge in general can be useful for various things and it can be useful for calling a company out if they try to twist things around through marketing to be something that they are not (though of course after going through this stuff it seems at least that Nintendo is less guilty of this when calling the Switch a Hybrid).

Also, yeah it would be kool to play those games on higher resolutions. I never owned a PSP, but I would really like to some day get to Crisis Core, and a Bleach game may not be too bad as I am currently feeling a little nostalgic for the series since I stopped watching it once they took it off Adult Swim (or I guess it was Adult Swim/Toonami at that point) a few years ago. I also only ever played one Bleach game, and it was years before that.
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User Info: SilverBassCross

4 months ago#74
"This product wouldn't sell without its selling point!"
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