doesn't sound like odyssey's that long of a game

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User Info: SegavsCapcom

4 months ago#51
8 hours to do the bare minimum is hardly short.

Not sure what logic you're operating under here.
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User Info: QueenLUCiNA

4 months ago#52
It actually seems to be very long.
Streamer has been playing for 13+ hours and has only gotten a little more than 1/3 of the moons probably
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User Info: YellowThunder

4 months ago#53
Darkest-Lord122 posted...
Salocool posted...
Holy f***in' s***, 5 hours A DAY is casual?
Jeebus Crisp, what the hell are you smoking. How the f*** would one not obsessed with videogames have 5 HOURS IN A DAY dedicated to videogames alongside : cooking supper, getting the grocery, family/friends/love interest, reading news/magazines/novels, movies, exercising, etc.

2 hours a day is already pretty steep in terms of time management.

In order:

-Cooking takes 10-20 minutes, assuming I'm the one cooking at all

-Groceries are one hour every two weeks.

-What do you think I'm doing with my friends/girlfriend?

-Maybe spend an hour a day on the news.

-Well Christ, how much movies do you watch? I'd figure that's an hour a week if even that.

-Exercise is 30-60 minutes.

So on a weekday, that's an hour on the news (assuming you watch the news), 20 minutes cooking, an hour exercising (assuming you even exercise, most people don't), and 15 hours working/sleeping/eating. That leaves you with a little over 6 hours for hobbies for yourself and/or your loved ones. For a non-gamer that's 0-2 hours playing games, for a casual I'd say it's 3-7 since they are gamers and this is their hobby.

Now obviously if you're a hardcore gamer, you sure as hell won't be wasting time with the news or exercising. Gaming's not just a hobby, it's a serious passion. On an average day you'll finish work and immediately go home to play. So that eats up your remaining 9 hours.

Man whatever you have to tell yourself to convince you that four or five hours of gaming a day isn’t a lot.
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User Info: albertojz356

4 months ago#54
Its not too short that it leaves me wanting but not too long that I lose interest, it’s a good length for me.
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User Info: HeartOfValor

4 months ago#55
It's a platformer. Are people expecting 60+ hours like an RPG? Realistic expectations, people.

User Info: KillerKhan420

4 months ago#56
Ah well, as long as it has replay value I don't care.
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User Info: EgoMouse32

4 months ago#57
Man, I don't even get that much free time on the weekdays. I think I play games pretty long. On the weekends I have homework so I can't play the entire weekend. I guess majority of gamers are casual then.

I guess 9 hours isn't very long recently, at least compared to my other Switch playtimes that range from a low 10 hours or less, a medium 40 hours, and a high 120-220+ hours. However, I definitely won't ever finish the game in 9 hours. I looked back at my play times for my 3DS games and Super Mario 3D Land was around 15 hours. I hope there's multiple save files because I do think after I finish the game, I'll be replaying it. A 3D platformer is different from open world games and stuff.
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User Info: Gogo726

4 months ago#58
When I got a SNES for Christmas many years ago, I was disappointed that I managed to see the ending before the break ended. But there were still plenty more levels to discover.

User Info: Maverick_Reznor

4 months ago#59
sounds good, I ain't going to be speed running it.
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User Info: XC0013

4 months ago#60
People that act like a 9 hour speed run is too short and not worth 60 had better NEVER go to a movie. Odyssey is sounding like it should easily be like 30 hours minimum to do everything, probably more than that. Get over yourselves
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