Who else will be playing Skyrim for the first time?

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User Info: TakashiMifune85

5 months ago#31
When I bought it a number of years ago for the 360 I already felt like I was late to the bandwagon.
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User Info: xF0x

5 months ago#32
If I ever play Skyrim at all, it will probably be on Switch. I have no plans to get it but I might change my mind.
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User Info: LeFeverBeaver

5 months ago#33
2ylyt posted...
I'll feel too stiffy ...

Phrasing!!! ;)
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User Info: Agent Orange

Agent Orange
5 months ago#34
I'll get it some time in the new year. Will be my first time playing Skyrim. Mods mean nothing to me. Never had a gaming PC and don't currently even have a computer nor the desire to have one.
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User Info: Maverick_Reznor

5 months ago#35
Andros-2K7 posted...
Why do people like mods though? Don't they just change your appearance and little small details for example making your character look like Rick from Rick and Morty in GTA V?

Besides enhancing graphics they can add new armor, abilities, weapons, areas, Housing, characters, enemies, add new mechanics, and fix what Bethesda hasnt.
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User Info: 2ylyt

5 months ago#36
LeFeverBeaver posted...
2ylyt posted...
I'll feel too stiffy ...

Phrasing!!! ;)

What if I meant it that way? ;) jk
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User Info: Gargomon251

5 months ago#37
Technically I HAVE played for 9 hours, but I don't remember much of it, and between my computer being mediocre and the game not properly supporting windowed mode, I'd rather play it on switch anyway.
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User Info: donkeypunch1116

5 months ago#38
I had the misfortune of attempting to play the horrible PS3 version back in the day. I'll probably get this version and give it another go.
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User Info: RockrrGirrl19

5 months ago#39
Me too.

Never played it, even though I was contemplating buying it for my 360 at some point.

User Info: Linetrix

5 months ago#40
Skyrim wasn't even that good. Ever heard of No Man's Sky? Skyrim was basically like that. And since the Switch doesn't support mods, it will be the Switch version of NMS.
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