Is this board going to have a fit everytime Odyssey doesn't get a perfect score?

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  3. Is this board going to have a fit everytime Odyssey doesn't get a perfect score?
Karmic Dragon2003 5 months ago#31
NintendoGamer83 posted...
Where's the Forbes article about this PRINT magazine publishing its review early?

Forbes? These guys?
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^ 213 people agree that it's ignorance at its finest.

User Info: blorfenburger

5 months ago#32
Catluver17 posted...
What doesnt give the board a fit?
I realleigh dont like EIGH

User Info: Bahamut_10th

5 months ago#33
QueenLUCiNA posted...
No ones complaining.

We had more Sony trolls complaining about Edge's 10 than we do Nintendo fans complaining about Famitsu's 39/40. Famitsu is a joke for reviews.

And this is why reviews should have gotten rid of the score systems.
People who can’t even read jack s*** of japanese calling japanese reviews bad because of the score given.
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User Info: nephalim

5 months ago#34
I am pretty sure anyone complaining about it is a troll. And perfect to cue the people attacking Nintendo Fanboys.

User Info: Qlawkes

5 months ago#35
SportGamer posted...
@Qlawkes posted...
Odyssey doesn't look great, not sure why it would get any perfect scores. But hey, it's not out yet so none of us really know.


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User Info: Aramyn89

5 months ago#36
Regardless of the score I'm going to throw a fit every review!

User Info: PS4Warrior

5 months ago#37
People b**** every time a Nintendo game doesn't get a perfect score.

8.8 and 7.5.
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User Info: Maverick_Reznor

5 months ago#38
Literally no one is complaining
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User Info: rusty12000

5 months ago#39
Far as I can tell a lot of it is the trolls pretending to be outraged Switch owners. I'm sure there is some drone hate too though. The trolls are obsessed with finding a way to hate on the Switch.
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User Info: reiko sawamura

reiko sawamura
5 months ago#40
QualmanIsBack posted...
reiko sawamura posted...
Personally? No, I won't have a "fit". I got an opportunity to check out the demo, and I feel that it's a solid 8/10, just like BOTW.

Wow, your input is worthless considering you played like 1% of the game lmao!

I guess you need to play the entire game to judge how gameplay is these days, huh?
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  3. Is this board going to have a fit everytime Odyssey doesn't get a perfect score?

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