One thing BotW does better than every other 3d Zelda

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User Info: SaturnSnowman

7 months ago#1
I like games and anime. My favorite games include the following: Mother 1-3, Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Cross, Zelda LA-ALttP-OoT-MM-ALBW, and Super Smash Bros.

User Info: Asuka Kazama

Asuka Kazama
7 months ago#2
One thing BotW does better than every other 3d Zelda...

Is not having any good dungeons.
That's the lesson for today.

User Info: Rokunai

7 months ago#3
breaking your weapons

User Info: Rolfin

7 months ago#4
Collecting guts
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User Info: Andros-2K7

7 months ago#5
I find it to be a rather easy game but maybe its just because im a pro. I play alot of games and ive never come across a single game as being "hard".
Favourite JRPG's: The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles, Arc Rise Fantasia.
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User Info: riboflav

7 months ago#6
Rokunai posted...
breaking your weapons

I agree, I really liked that too! Nintendo finally solved the problem of using the same weapon throughout a whole game. It made it so you try out all these cool weapons.

That's what I hated about Bloodborne. I got one weapon and stuck with it for almost the entire game. Seems like a waste that there were other weapons in the game, kind of a waste of programming IMO. And if you wanted to switch to another weapon, you didn't have enough materials to upgrade it easily.

User Info: wah_wah_wah

7 months ago#7
A lot more than that. All the other 3D Zeldas were remakes of Ocarina of Time.

User Info: SSjYagami

7 months ago#8
Nah, jumping. That's it.
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User Info: MistahTwistah

7 months ago#9
Getting people upset whenever anyone compliments it.
I'm at a loss

User Info: ecylis

7 months ago#10
Getting people upset whenever anyone criticizes it.
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