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  3. I miss club Nintendo. 750+ gold coins, never spent one, now some are expiring.

User Info: DEMONPANDA212

1 year ago#1
Over my U.K (512) and U.S (240 I think) accounts I have amassed 750-ish gold coins.

And honestly, every single discount is either for a game I own or have 0 interest in. I'm honestly sick of this new Nintendo right now, the club Nintendo replacement programme looked good on paper but honestly, I've yet to see a single person praise it.

By now I probably have the equivalent to buying 3 cool items and would probably have had a good £40/£50 back in my account from the WiiU's NNID programme that was also discontinued.

Nintendo are just so freaking cheap, they're already the only major company who doesn't allow gamesharing (everthing I buy on my PS4 and my X1 my brother gets too, for free) but they WERE the only company that gave fans cool s*** for buying games.

Now we get worse discounts than most PSN/XBL sales and definitely worse than Steam sales (hell even Origin sales are better) and only on select (ancient) games.

GG Nintendo

Can't even get customer services to f***ing respond to me about my left Joy Cons that all need repairing with that little foam brick and the fact that I have a 2 degree slant on the right side of the system. Yeah people can say this is fake news all they want but people are having these issues and sadly I'm one of them.
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User Info: Rasputin77

1 year ago#2
DEMONPANDA212 posted...
Yeah people can say this is fake news all they want

Oh, they will... a child's imagination knows no bounds.
"They were like 11 year olds on the internet for the first time in the late 90's; NO idea how to handle criticism or negative opinions" - Kevin Smith

User Info: MasterTechno890

1 year ago#3
Nah, even most Nintendo fanboys agree that My Nintendo is trash, so don't worry TC about being called a troll.

Seriously though, I would rather have Club Nintendo than My Nintendo.
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User Info: Onetrueking

1 year ago#4
Club Nintendo I got the two free game & watch physical dd games.

My Nintendo has given me.......
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User Info: fernantendo

1 year ago#5
I'm a Nintendo fanboy (that also plays Sony consoles and Steam games a lot, but then I slap my own wrist afterwards, so its all good).

And I think My Nintendo is trash. Once they moved from free games to discounts, things got bad. But the worst thing is when the discounts are trash anyways. 15% off? Really? And when its 30% off, its usually on some really cheap game, so you are saving yourself a couple of dollars.

So I guess, in a sense its not totally trash (it is better than nothing, I suppose), but I definitely treat it like trash, which it deserves to be treated as.
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User Info: snake_5036

1 year ago#6
Log in every day to get platinum coins so you can get 30% off select games!

Or buy games online with our antiquated account system to get gold coins and also get 30% off select games! What a steal!
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User Info: HValle

1 year ago#7
I don't miss Club Nintendo because, as an international player, it gaves me jack s***.

But yeah, My Nintendo should be way better. Especially the Gold Coins part. At least make an expensive discount on any game.
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User Info: Knuckles1412

1 year ago#8
I miss club Nintendo. Use my 3ds pouches to hold my joycons now. Have tons of club Nintendo posters. Face towel. 3ds xl dock.

My Nintendo has given me....uh. free things in some Nintendo apps. The chance to get part of botw guide for the part of the game I don't need it for. Small percentages off games that I either already have or don't care for
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User Info: NettoSaito

1 year ago#9
I miss Nsider, which is what Club Nintendo replaced. Back then Nsider was an entire community that Nintendo was actually involved with. They held events, gave away prizes, opened live chat rooms where you could talk to NOA members, and they had the free gift system as well. You know how it worked? You simply registered the code (the very same codes you used for Club Nintendo), and instantly got that games free gift. Example: Kirby CC got you the pink DS stylus -- no need to spend points and everyone got it.

Heck they also had the whole Nintendo WFC thing where you could track your stats in online games. MPH actually let you see all of your kills, head shots, rankings, etc. But none of that exists anymore...
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User Info: Tortus2

1 year ago#10
On one hand, the stuff on the U.K. Club Nintendo cost so many points/stars that I just ordered most of the stuff I wanted off ebay, although I was able to get a few things off of Club Nintendo, such as a couple of the Mario Kart trophies, and a game card case, among a few other things.

So, I will say, I really miss the ability to get physical merchandise, and yeah, My Nintendo does seem to be a lot worse.

It also feels weird that you don't seem to get many coins for physical games compared to digital games.

I really hope they improve My Nintendo. I hope they at least add the ability to get physical merchandise.
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