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User Info: Chargrilled

2 years ago#11
Bug in the operating system sounds like

That is fixable. Overheating not so easy to fix.
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User Info: Zingo

2 years ago#12
It will take 20 seconds, you first press the button, then hold it for 20 seconds and it will shut off.
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User Info: CurryBadger

2 years ago#13
Chargrilled posted...
Well mine hasnt frozen yet, but it has looked like its going to when killing moblins in botw

Ive put 86 hours approx into botw, at about 6hrs or so per day.

I would think i would have seen ir by now if its an overheating issue.

My switch is out for repair right now. I've been without since last Friday. I was getting constant errors in BotW. My guess was honestly overheating since it only happened in docked mode and not handheld. I tried various troubleshooting methods and just continued getting errors.
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