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User Info: Red_hot_smasher

2 years ago#41
MasterTechno890 posted...
SaruOmega posted...
I stopped giving a s*** about rumors a long time ago. After seeing the vita boards, 3DS boards, and Wii U boards over time, it's always the same cycle on gamefaqs.

People post rumors. The positive ones get championed and praised. Then people who want to piss off fans post negative rumors and exaggerate everything about it to upset people.

I even see a few people on this board who, in the early days of the vita and 3DS, constantly baited people and never let up, and they're still doing this bulls*** years later. The worst part is the first year of release since people will always be critical of any failure, however small.

This s*** is so played out and predictable, I swear I'm seeing the same conversations, word-for-word, that I've been seeing for the past six years.

I'll wait and see what the console's like. If it's what I want, I'll get it. If not, I won't. I don't see what all the bickering and arguing is going to change. January 12th will answer anything I want to know anyway.


You know that saying, about how history usually repeats itself? Literally GameFAQ's in a nutshell lmao

Yep. Been here since the "Nintendo Revolution" days, same s*** every generation really.
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User Info: NicknameMy

2 years ago#42

Foxconn leak reconfirmed at china.
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