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User Info: scream6879

6 days ago#1
As stated, i am looking for those elusive Recursions with x2 with the 100 Ase or 125 splash anointment in all Elements.

I am also looking for x2 Lumps with those anointments in all Elements.

As always if you don‘t have what I need but see something on my List you really like , send me a psn message with your request and a fl invite and i will dupe you the item for free as soon as i can :)

Here is my List with my stuff i can trade for them :

100 percent dmg on action skill end :
Fire + cryo Dp Shredded Laser-Sploder
EM- P5
Shock Tiggs Boom
Redistributor (fire, cor, shock)
Dp Juliets Dazzle
Rad/cryo Kybs Worth (125 splash dmg)
Cutsman (fire, cor , shock)
Normal Engulfing Shredifier
Fire Rowans Call
Cor/shock recursion
Cor/fire recursion (125 splash dmg)
Cryo + cor Lucians Call
Cryo + fire Crossroad
Night Hawkin (full auto)
Shock Lump
Dastardly Maggie
Fire Unending Magnificent
Cor / Rad Queens Call
Normal Warlord
Brainstormer (x14)
One Pump Chump
Shock Lump (6337 dmg)
Flakker ( 125% splash dmg )
Rad dp laser sploder ( 125% splash dmg)
Ruby‘s Wrath (125 splash dmg)
Tunguska (125 splash dmg)
Everblast with homing Mirvs (fire,shock,cor) with 125 splash dmg

125 percent dmg to Badass, Named and Boss on action skill end :
EXECUTE ( 50% weap dmg when enemy below 25% health)
Molten Viscous Lyuda (molten = fire)
Annexed Ferocious Lyuda (normal)
Crossroad (cor + shock)
Brainstormer (always shock)
Potent Roisens Thorns ( always cor )
Dastardly Maggie
Molten The Dictator (molten = fire)
Cor Butcher
Rad Pestilence
Rad Deluxe Baby Maker
Devils Foursum
Fire/cor trevonator
Normal scourge

300 percent dmg after using Phaseslam :
Cor Dp Laser-Sploder
Night Hawkin ( full auto )
Crossroad ( cor)
Cor x2 Lump (rare)
Face Puncher ( 182x7 )
Quickdraw Bekah ( 867 )
Fire annexed Lyuda
Rad x2 Pestilence
Cryo Lob
Conference Call
Cryo Ripper
Normal Ripper
Rad/Cryo Trevonator
Cryo Lyuda
Normal Lyuda
Shock and cor Binary Cutsman
Shock/cryo binary Westergun

250 percent dmg after phasecast :
Shock/rad recursion
Cor Faisor
Cor Breath of the Dying
Fire Cutsman
Potent Moonfire
Q-system (1082x2)
Shock Lump
Rad Crossroad
Shocking AAA
Fire/rad binary Westergun

Terror Anointed Weapons :
Carrier (extra projectile)
Cryo Lucians Call ( extra Projectile )
Fire / Shock Unending Magnificent ( extra Projectile)
Rad Rowans Call ( inc dmg and fire rate)
Cocky Flakker ( inc crit dmg) normal
Transformer with ammo regen
Stormfront with apply terror
Q-System (extra projectile)
Cor and Shock Cutsman ( extra projectile)

Grenades :
Spring Cluster f&€@ Exploder in shock
Vindicator Ghast Call
Anointed rec Hexes (shock, cryo , rad ) with +1 Grenade on action skill start
Rad rec hex ( 50 cor dmg)
Legendary Grenades with 50% bonus Element ( all Elements)

Transformer shield with 5 % life regen
Transformer shield with 30% dmg return
Transformer shield with 50% bonus elemental dmg ( all elements)
Lvl 1 stop gap shield

Very well rolled class mods (blood letter, phasezerker, Driver and Bounty Hunter )
PSN : R-a_m_o-n79

User Info: Polo5lash18

5 days ago#2
I would like that Rec Hex if you don't mind sending me one. You are already on my list if you hadn't deleted me.
PSN/Steam: Poloslash18 NNID: LMRazor814
Member of the LSC! Lightings beat water type Pokemons.

User Info: scream6879

5 days ago#3
Sure , i will be home in about 7-8 hours. Will send it then :)
PSN : R-a_m_o-n79

User Info: Darkinsanity1

5 days ago#4
I might have a Shock/Corrosion Recursion with X2, forgot to look at that part earlier tonight, but it does have 100% damage on ASE.

I could use the Transformer with corrisive damage annointment on ASE.
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User Info: Darkinsanity1

5 days ago#5
The Recursion I have is only normal projectile count unfortunately.

But if I could get that Transformer, that would be really cool.

PSN: Darkinsanity1492
Every time you read this, squirrels randomly burst into flames. Think of the squirrels.

User Info: scream6879

5 days ago#6
Your recursion i already have with the 100 ase anointment. But no worries i will send you the shield once i get home.

Be sure to add me by a friend request on psn though.
PSN : R-a_m_o-n79

User Info: scream6879

5 days ago#7
@ polo : sent :)
@ dark : haven’t received your fr so far.
PSN : R-a_m_o-n79

User Info: Friedenkrieg

5 days ago#8
Interested in your brainstormer, both lyudas and any good bloodletter for tediore chuck build.

I have things and stuff.

Might not be on game until later today.

PSN Friedenkrieg
(edited 5 days ago)

User Info: Dyinglegacy

5 days ago#9
Hey, I want your ruby's wrath!
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User Info: scream6879

5 days ago#10
@dark : sent
@friedenkrieg : sent you a fr with my trades
@Dyinglegacy : send me a fr pls.

also a kind soul gave me the x2 100 ase recursion in shock/corrosive , so my quest for my most sought after item is over :)

feel free to still request items from me, i am still doing my best to make everyone as happy as possible.
PSN : R-a_m_o-n79
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