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  3. Did you enjoy the Bloody Harvest event?

User Info: Dyinglegacy

1 week ago#31
It was cool for a month. Kinda ready for it to move along now.

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User Info: VincentGrite

1 week ago#32
I'm going to miss it. I use Terror in my line of work and having the extra fear boosts my damage and all that.

User Info: Edge_of_Ada

1 week ago#33
I did at first then grew to hate it and was sometimes okay with it.
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User Info: staraid

1 week ago#34
It was fun in the beginning, then after 2 weeks and getting all the exclusive legendaries, it got kinda boring xD
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User Info: User1137

1 week ago#35
I loved it, free extra content is always appreciated. I see a lot of people bashing the ghosts but I look at it like the enemy is carrying a treasure chest. Oh snap he has a red chest with him, guaranteed loot here I come. I hope they implement something else like it in the futere. My only real gripe with the game as a whole would be how cheap stuff is to buy, when they upgraded the box to hold 300 items these upgrades should have been vastly more expensive, like start at 10 million and maybe the last one like 200 mil, something to really work for.
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User Info: dmack316

1 week ago#36
Happy it was free but it hung around way too long. So sick of the stupid ghosts overtaking everything. I just want to play the game without terror and ghosts now. I like the ghast call grenade and that's about it.

User Info: tenkage

1 week ago#37
it was a cool idea, executed in not the best way. I started late so I was in a time crunch and forced to rush to the end of the game, just to activate mayhem mode. this and some outrageously difficult challenges are what made this event a pain in the ass. I did manage to complete it, but I was down to the wire and managed to by the grace of God finish today on dec 5th, despite it being the cutoff date.

funny thing is, this event could have been great with a few minor tweeks. first don't require the game to already be beat, as part of an event challenge. next put a vending machine before capt. haunt, and third, if you're going to require a gauntlet run before the boss every time, dile back the number of needed defeats from 25 to 10 or 12. or they could have set the holiday event as a separate feature, accessible anytime, like in past games, and kept the challenges unchanged.

User Info: dragonmak2

1 week ago#38
The kill Haunt 25 times was redundant, but I did it before the patch that increased ghosts appearing as often as they eventually did. I like the skin, but that was brutal and not being acct wide was a negative as well. Only 1 character got the goodies
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User Info: Hiatos

1 week ago#39
It was alright, but doing 'My Boss has been Ghosting me all week' was a pain. Doing that thing 25 was too much.

I have yet to find a use for the gear I got from that event as well. It's not a huge loss, but since I stuck to Mayhem I and II, the stuff I obtained was not extraordinary. Also, I never got into the Terror anointment thing.

It was good, but could have been better.

User Info: Grim84

1 week ago#40
The first 5x was fun but the 20x after that i could have done without ☠
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