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  3. Which is your Favorite Planet?

User Info: VincentGrite

1 week ago#1
Favorite Planet?

for whatever reason

User Info: WickesFTID

1 week ago#2
Athenas for me. Just wish it had more to it.
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User Info: AsIfByMagic

1 week ago#3
WickesFTID posted...
Athenas for me. Just wish it had more to it.

This, but I also wonder if I might think the opposite if, say, Athenas was a big world with multiple areas and Promethea was the tiny one.

User Info: Eraldus

1 week ago#4

I voted Promethea, but I liked every planet that's not Pandora, tbh
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User Info: Scorex_VII

1 week ago#5
Promethea. The design and the music gives me huge Deus Ex vibes, love the cyberpunk aspect.

How the f*** eden 6 has so much votes lol
Eden-6, because it had the best new cast. Jackobs, Clay and Balex are great. They manage to characterize the Jackobs company very effectively and it isn't just corporate military again. That's one of TPS's biggest f*** ups. Dahl is just Atlus with a different coat of paint. Hell, even Katagawa is pretty similar to Jack. I'm glad they played the Jackobs as uniquely as Torgue, but not solely as a joke.
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User Info: Jambi_Man

1 week ago#7
Pandora. We need to see more of this planet in future content.
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User Info: VincentGrite

1 week ago#8
When I first arrived on Eden-6 I instantly loved the place. When it expanded to Veracious Canopy and I met Balex, I knew this planet was my favorite. We also have the Ambermire and other great maps to just run around on and they're not too large / enemy density isn't bad (Overall I think B3 needs to fill in almost every empty space with more enemies on every map especially after you finish the main storyline.) compared to other places like Athenas where you have to run forever between each encounter. Also most of the enemies on Eden-6 don't have shields and that's nice. Balex, Clay, A Pimp Named Jakobs - some of the best cast in B3.

User Info: Nathan_Drake

1 week ago#9
I hate eden 6 so much. The mansion is cool tho.

User Info: Maetch

1 week ago#10
Pandora. The new planets were fun, but were way underdeveloped.
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