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  3. Why is Pre-Sequel so hated?

User Info: Raiden243

1 week ago#1
I don't get it never played but why do people dunk on this game?

User Info: VaultBoy2319

1 week ago#2
My wife and I don't like it because the space walking feels like a slog. Everything just feels so slow to progress
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User Info: Birdiii

1 week ago#3
I personally liked it. Using oxygen to sprint was fun. My friends didn't seem to like the game so they didn't play it past the first few missions. One claimed the abilities didn't feel like borderlands idk.

I played as Athena and loved throwing her shield around :)

Fragtrap seemed to have some funny abilities and I'd totally play as Jack's body double on a second playthrough.
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User Info: fisheye11

1 week ago#4
I liked the gameplay just as much as BL2. In the end, it just lacked content. Still liked playing it.
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User Info: Revocation68

1 week ago#5
The loot drops are trash (in my experience) and the map/mission design is s*** compared to BL2.

All the little annoying things add up

User Info: nebula2

1 week ago#6
Imo its beter than BL2 storywise and gameplay wise.

Too bad it's maps where a bit big and there was no endgame...Not that endgame matters to me lol

Still I liked it more than BL2 especially space mechanics:)
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User Info: Pootbird

1 week ago#7
I think it’s good
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1 week ago#8
The only thing in all the BL series that I didn't finish. It felt sub-standard to me.

User Info: dmack316

1 week ago#9
Who says it's so hated? You can probably google any video game and find love and hate articles about it.

User Info: evenflow80

1 week ago#10
It was a big improvement over BL2 in a ton of ways. I'm actually replaying it now alongside BL3.

Just replacing Slag with Cryo is enough on it's own to make it a better game. It also had the most fun skill trees in entire series IMO. I mean look at literally any skill tree : most of them had these huge gameplay and visual changes you can immediately see and feel , not just stat upgrades happening in the background. It made you really excited to level up.

Plus UVHM was way more balanced thanks to absence of bee shield and need to use slag all the time.

Low gravity jumping was so much fun. Made it hard to go back to BL2 after.

Its am awesome game. Just too small and completlry lacked anything to do at the end. Even at my Wilhlem level 63 enemies died way too fast to the point where I'd race my drones to kill an enemy before they do. End game content is needed for a challenge
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