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  3. Weapons to look for as Fl4k?

User Info: TheDarkRose

1 week ago#1
I currently only have a fire Lucian's call that's worth anything, what other weapons should I look out for?(before I end up trying to find 4 elemental Lucian's calls >_>)
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User Info: Nabinator

1 week ago#2
You probably got the best weapon already. I'd also say King/Queen's Call, along with a Lyuda.

User Info: ninjaman44

1 week ago#3
Leave no trace being nerfed killed the viability of popular Fl4k weapons like the hellwalker, but other Call weapons (like Rowan's and Queen's) are also really good. Basically anything that puts a bullet back in the magazine and ricochets after getting a critical hit.

Lucian's Call is one of my favorite weapons though. It was one of the first legendaries I got at level 50 and it's helped a lot on mayhem 3.
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User Info: Gwynbleidds

1 week ago#4
I'm partial to the Bekah and a Lyuda when using FL4K.

User Info: Tornadofox

1 week ago#5
I don't play as Fl4k and I'm sure higher DPS weapons exist, but the masterwork crossbow does around 5k damage and has a 400%+ crit multiplier. It won't clear a room, but it'll drop a badass/anointed real quick during fade away.
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User Info: Nabinator

1 week ago#6
On this subject, I have a question about King/Queen's call for anyone who can answer.

Finally got one for Fl4k and attempted farming Gravemind. But in Fade Away, the weapon kept reloading and wasn't giving off free ammo for about half the time of the fight. Then other times, it would work like a semi-auto machine gun. It was very f***ing confusing.

Are/were these weapons bugged? I didn't wait for the hotfix to load, so Guerillas in the Mist was back to 50% critical damage with 8 seconds. I didn't encounter any problems when I fought Tyreen, 2 minutes earlier.

User Info: Sythstrife99

1 week ago#7
One Pump Chump if you want a shotgun. I love it personally. Still hunting a nuke lucians though.

User Info: Crimsonbeaver

1 week ago#8
Hey Nabinator, on my Fl4k I always get a mag size enhancement from an artifact or something. Graveward is a decent distance from you, try to start slow and than increase how fast you are pulling the trigger, I had this issue the first couple times a while ago. Personally I use Lucian/Rowans AR and a Lyuda when farming him.
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