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  3. Would you pay money for extra bank storage?

User Info: HangJebat83

1 week ago#1
Say 2.99 for 50 more empty slots?

I think I would. It's so much pain to keep playing the opening level to make a mule.
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User Info: myothracntwsbnd

1 week ago#2
No. Theres not much of a point to hoarding a literal truck load of trash.
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User Info: Bassua

1 week ago#3
Nope. Extra characters are free
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User Info: Maetch

1 week ago#4
No. Maybe learn to not hoard everything you see and know when it's time to sell unneeded crap off, orange or not.

User Info: Rock_Howard87

1 week ago#5
No way. I end up always using the same guns anyway, so there's really no point in paying for stuff I won't use.
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User Info: MarkDeHyperion

1 week ago#6
Bassua posted...
Nope. Extra characters are free
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User Info: Sokarus

1 week ago#7
We shouldn't have to. If the problem is putting all the guns on screen at once they should instead put coloured SMG/shotgun/shield/etc. icons on the screen and give us 300ish slots.
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User Info: AWickes96

1 week ago#8
No and stop giving them ideas.
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User Info: Terantatek

1 week ago#9
Rot away in your grave six feet below. I swear to curse your name as you decompose.

User Info: Sigarmz

1 week ago#10
Bassua posted...
Nope. Extra characters are free

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