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User Info: XerusSqually

1 month ago#11
KalimariX8 posted...
So far my favorite legendary ive found is The Duc. It's a Jakobs handcannon that has sticky explosives on them !

What's your favorite?

There is another Jacob's, can't remember the name. I got it at level 7 and I sold it before I got the bank. It had a 10 round clip and it was awesome. The ducks is cool too. Have a lvl 27 one i think.
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User Info: Kaatisu

1 month ago#12
Handsome Jackonator.

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User Info: ox0shadow0xo

1 month ago#13
My favorite so far is the flakker. It was strong in Borderlands 2, but it's just melting enemies in mayhem mode right now. It's a torgue shotgun where all of the pellets explode like a flak cannon.
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User Info: kriirk

1 month ago#14
My favorite legendaries so far have been the amp healer shield and shield that drops grenades and rockets.

None of the guns blew me away so far.

User Info: ArgoSexyMan

1 month ago#15
Amazing Grace

Badass gun with a cool/sad sidequest
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User Info: zegram33

1 month ago#16
Ripper smg-weak, but very strong after melee
only legendary Iv found and interesting if nothing else

User Info: eclipse_exe

1 month ago#17
I haven't picked up to many myself yet (I'm only at Eden 6 So far) but out of the ones I've managed I'm loving the One Pump Chump and Quadomizer. Also the Diamond Butt Bomb but I'm unsure if its even possible to get a higher level one.
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User Info: Mochzuki

1 month ago#18
Any Call gun. Queen's Call, Lucian's Call, King's Call and Rowan's Call. They are broken when Flak uses them.
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User Info: og_megaman

1 month ago#19
lv 50 tedior flame thrower

User Info: mostcorrupt

1 month ago#20
Hazardous Sellout so far for me.
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