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  3. stop downplaying the performance issues on console

User Info: sean1210

2 months ago#81
zsyzgy posted...
Same here. Game is running smooth besides this but I'm a solo player also so I can't comment on split screen/mp problems.

I'm playing multiplayer only and its fine barring the menu issues.

User Info: JawlessJack

2 months ago#82
The menu stutters a bit, but it's actually a really fun game. Maybe don't spend so much time in menus, or understand there are gonna be some hiccups. Sure, it's annoying, but by no means game breaking stuff. Ava, on the other hand, is the WORST character I've ever seen. Every time she is on screen my character constantly unleashes salvo and salvo of gunfire into her face. I can't seem to get him/her/them to stop for some reason...

User Info: CienFuegos

2 months ago#83
zerolink posted...
It's bad. I keep seeing people say "having no issues" and "game runs perfect", and these are straight up lies. Why people would lie about performance issues I don't know, maybe it would otherwise make them feel stupid if they admit the purchase they made probably wasn't worth it?

Menu lag makes you not want to even press the menu button, the frame rate doesn't sit at a steady 30fps, split screen is completely broken (only horizontal on widescreen tv's) and there a numerous bugs.

I've got the game (disc version) on both ps4 pro and regular ps4, and they run like crap on both of them. I can't recommend this game to anyone in its current state.

Get your eyes checked if you seriously think this game runs at a steady 30fps.

I honestly have yet to run into an issue, other than one time the sound disappeared from my guns and then reappeared but other than that I have had nothing gameplay wise or performance wise that blocked me from playing. Not a lie just stating how my time with the game has been.

User Info: Charocks

2 months ago#84
I've had some issues with my One X. It locked up a couple of times last night and I've experienced occasional severe drops in FPS and some stuttering.
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User Info: PSNkundalinii

2 months ago#85
checking loot is almost a turnoff with how the menu works right now..
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