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  3. Great game so far...but the humor is kinda lame

User Info: Xialoh

4 weeks ago#41
Claptrap is funny. Fl4k is funny.

That's about it.
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User Info: SOLDIER_Bankai

4 weeks ago#42
tfw I loved the humor here.

Maybe play more of the side missions? Those were great.

User Info: NLAJZY

4 weeks ago#43
daveynopenope posted...
The humor isn't lame. Your sense of humor is just more mature than it was when you played bL2.

you cannot allow yourself to compare a current event to a nostalgic memory. The memory will win everytime

I was gonna say something similar. We can't act like 2 was all that different in the humor department. I never really found references as a joke to be that funny.
I know TPS in kind of contentious, but I thought the humor was actually great on its own.
I liked Torgue's distain for laser weapons, Springs "I feel kind of bad for him."
The earworm sidequest in the DLC was great.
I can't stand Nakyama, but I liked how Jack reacted to his advances.
The basketball sidequest was funny too. There's a lot of highlights for me. Not that I didn't find 2 funny, it was great.
Troy said "Amaze-balls" in this. No one says that. Not even cringy streamers they're going for. This games had it's moments too. I'm only on Eden 6 though.
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User Info: Uncuckable

4 weeks ago#44
TheShadowViper posted...
Uncuckable posted...
I think it's just as good as Bl2. I really enjoy how cringy and obnoxious the characters are. Always thought that was the charm of this games humor.

Then you are a fool. Not only does this game have three writers, they are three writers with terrible and/or unproven records.

The humor is base and childish with little added complexity to make that formula anymore interesting. This added complexity is what made Bl2 much, much better in this department.

If you honestly think this game and Bl2 are "about the same", I challenge you to go on youtube and fetch some Bl2 videos and then compare them to Bl3 comedy. If you still believe that, nothing is going to convince you otherwise. But if you try to make a case for that here, with video evidence, prepare to be embarrassed because the difference is quite noticeable.

The humor was written and delivered better (both via sound and images) in Bl2. It isn't close either.

Played through Bl2 multiple times I'm very familiar with it. The writing here is on the same level. Aside from Handsome Jack nothing stands out as being superior in the writing department from Bl2 to Bl3.

Its literally the same cringy goofy humor. But whatever Im enjoying Bl3 far more than Bl2. Shame everyone seems so down on the story and the writing.
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User Info: fatjoe400

4 weeks ago#45
Probably have a sick sense of humor but my favorite quest humor wise "Life of the Party". Later quest on Pandora were you help Mordecai with a party for a friend. If the game has more subtle deadpan humor like that quest it would go a long way.
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User Info: amd83

4 weeks ago#46
I'm pretty sure part of the annoyance is the "charm". It references the stupid ish in real life. I think the older gamers like myself probably grew up more than "we" thought and also kinda irritated at the stupidity in life so it being in a game can be annoying. It's like with the villains they're annoying as all heck and they were meant to be that way. They remind me of the annoying youtube ad people when trying to check out a video.

But I'm actually ok with all the elements of the game. Not perfect and has me laughing at times. Solid gameplay, best cast of characters gameplay wise, and much better QOL improvements.

User Info: Skyvegas

4 weeks ago#47
The only line/remark I found humor in was the Skyrim one.
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User Info: Kaatisu

4 weeks ago#48
Pain and Terror are, by far, the best characters in BL3.

Plus Penn himself is the VA of Pain.
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User Info: Ghoztly

4 weeks ago#49
This entire game consists of characters trying to be funny and badass.

But come off corny and lame.

it's a good thing I like the gameplay or this would be a 4/10 max

User Info: Isaac_Redfield

4 weeks ago#50
evenflow80 posted...
Like I keep saying: it's what an unhip group of 40 year old THINK the cool young kids think is hip or trendy or funny . Fyi I'm 37 years old , and would never even attempt to use words like "boo" or "fam" or any of that crap, because it will sound fake and disingenuous

It really does. Borderlands 2 was not the epitome of stimulating writing, but it was Pulitzer prize worthy compared to this game, and it had so many moments that I genuinely laughed, or at least smiled at. The humor in this is just so horribly, horribly flat in almost all regards.

Guess that is what happens when the lead writer (first two games) takes off to go work on a TV series.
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