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User Info: OmegaAP

4 weeks ago#1
Yes they are all very strong but overall - Results (293 votes)
16.04% (47 votes)
35.49% (104 votes)
24.91% (73 votes)
23.55% (69 votes)
This poll is now closed.
After playing abit of all characters and seeing their DPS values.

I think Zane or moze will have the highest potential.

Duct Tape + 2 ABs build vs Unlimited IB build - highest DPS builds ive seen so far

FL4K is defo overrated

Amara is underrated
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User Info: Zalitogf

4 weeks ago#2
Dude, critical hit of 6000 with Flak with a jakob weapon and the invi skill

with an atlas assault rifle, i am doing 300/500 per bullet 1000/2100 on the head

Fl4k is not overrated, its a killing machine, I cannot wait to farm for a 1500% damage boost "one chump pump"
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User Info: Shadows_Of_Fall

4 weeks ago#3
Surprised Fl4k has the lead, woulda guessed Zane or Moze
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User Info: ChaoticNeutral

4 weeks ago#4
I'm actually very surprised that Zane is not popular with the community. I guess Robots with Pets and Hot Soldier Chicks are the big draw.

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User Info: Jruffing

4 weeks ago#5
I'm playing through as Moze, but having seen Fl4k's skilltree and playing alongside a couple I definitely think he'll end up the strongest.

User Info: Jacquard

4 weeks ago#6
I voted but have only played one. Probably the same for most. Strongest VH is the one in your head.

User Info: OracleGunner

4 weeks ago#7
Probably Amara due to Siren Hax in canon.
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User Info: tslu

4 weeks ago#8
fl4k just melts bosses who doesn't have scripted invulnerability or multiple phases.

i can kill them in literally seconds.

grab a jakob single shot shotgun that does thousands and spam that sucker. guaranteed crit and guaranteed to add ammo to magazine allows u spam it at an insane fire rate.

User Info: SGRM

4 weeks ago#9
Wait another 3 or 4 months and repost this topic. Be interesting to see how the Meta pans out.
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User Info: Axariel

4 weeks ago#10
Pffft. I bet a ton of voters have not beaten the game yet. This is clearly based on blind preference and not DPS.
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